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Saturday, March 23, 2013

today's ANGLE: the Cleveland Museum of Art attitude, a point of view, a design perspective 
from Interior designer, go-to color maven and artist Lisa Smith. Known as the "color girl and thinking interior designer," Lisa runs her own firm called Interior Design Factory Ltd, in conjunction with her fantastic blog Decor Girl. You can follower her on Twitter and Facebook.

Today's city slant :  
The Architecture Equals the Art Collection. 

While it is easy for the mere mortal to forget there are major museums outside of New York or Washington D.C., when one lives in Cleveland one cannot ignore the city’s brightest star, the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Founded in 1913 by prominent industrialists, their endowment and patrons have amassed a world class collection which required a recent renovation of equal stature.

Cleveland Museum of Art floor plan

The original Neoclassical Beaux-Arts building completed in 1916 of glowing Georgian Marble is still intact, and serves as the cornerstone of the museum’s galleries.

Tying together the 1971 Marcel Breuer addition with its distinctive granite exterior stripes, a glass and steel structure designed by award-winning architect, Rafael Viñoly unites the old and new, in a park-like setting.

Cleveland is fortunate to have one of the top ranking collections of art in the world.  Curated with the guiding principles of quality, “Cleveland's museum, however, was shaped largely by professional art historians -- not the egos of wealthy donors and collectors.” -   Plain Dealer.  This same curatorial eye has been applied to the architecture.

The amalgamation of building styles from three separate periods all woven together by the world’s top architects ensure the architecture is equal to the art collection.

Cleveland still has a pivotal role in the art world which sits squarely in the hands of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Photo Credits: Cleveland Museum of Art


Thanks Lisa for a great ANGLE!!

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