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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The story behind MoD Design Guru on "30 bloggers in 30 days" on "Million Dollar Decorating

No cool images of inspiration today...just some big news! I am very honored today to take part in James Swan's design podcast series "30 bloggers in 30 days" on "MillionDollar Decorating." The podcast is devoted to design, decorating and beautiful living and features leading designers, architects, artisans and bloggers too! "MillionDollar Decorating" is one of the top podcasts on the Internet. During their first 8 weeks, they consistently landed in the 10 Spots on ITunes New & Noteworthy list in the Arts category and in the Top 100 across all categories (and 300,000 titles). James made it very easy. He not only brought me back to when I was a kid and how design crept into my life but also asked me questions about my design and blogger worlds. If you want to hear how I started MoD Design Guru and my Studio MODmadeNY (SUBSCRIBE FOR SOME DESIGN NIBBLES), click the  PODCAST !


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Plants have Style too

I'll admit, I do not have a green thumb and have no desire to get my fingers dirty in buggy soil. For that reason, I'm always on the lookout for creative ways to bring a little green life indoors.  Indoor plants can bring style, texture, define spaces, ease the lines of angular furniture and merge the separation between indoor and outdoor worlds. There are many modern botanical treasures on the market that can accentuate your walls, furniture and your home with greenery. Let me plant some seeds of inspiration.... 

Air Plants.

Muzz has created the Pod which is a growing vase to hold air plants as well as fresh flowers.  I love all the pockets integrating green life into sculpture. Originally designed for the "Plant for Art Exhibition" at Instanbul's Artane Gallery. 

Separate Spaces. 

Architectural planter systems can be a great way to divide small spaces, such as the Hydroponic Vertical GardenFor the constrained urban dweller who seeks a greener lifestyle, Danielle Trofe Design, a Brooklyn based design studio who takes a socially responsible approach to design developed a vertical garden for the person who doesn't have a  green thumb......its self-watering system simplifies the process of growing your own plants inside your home. Its a simple system -  It distributes water via an internal reservoir using an energy efficient air pump concealed within the structure and uses gravity to deliver water to each of the planter pods. Clay rocks are used instead of soil to eliminate any risk of soil-born disease. Brilliant!

Hydroponic Vertical garden

Artfully Sustainable.

Guess what material these planters are made of? Did you guess mushrooms? Yep, Danielle Trofe's Mush-Bloom planter is totally organic, sustainable and biodegradable!  I really like the shape and texture of each mushroom vase, its charm would add style to your interior.

Mush-Bloom planter

What is so pleasing to the eye is a wall styled with plants.  Woolly Pocket, a family owned company in the USA produces modular gardening pockets great for creating beautiful living walls in your home or backyard. The product ultimately produces artfully suspended plant systems.  There are two types of living wall planters.  There is the sturdy hard vented shell that is equipped with a self watering tank. The other is a Wally made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, where pockets are soft sided and breathable. The pocket science starts with breathable felt allowing oxygen to get into the roots and extra moisture to evaporate.  Inside every pocket is a military grade totally impermeable moisture barrier keeping your walls and furniture safe. That's so key and perfect for an interior space!!

Plant Lighting.

The idea of combining plant material and lighting was one object that I was mesmerized by at the imm Cologne trade show in Germany.  Designer Miriam Aust  developed the Vase & Leuchte plant light, produced and distributed by the Dua Shop.  With laboratory aesthetics brought into the home,  the designer investigates how a plant can be influenced. I was really blown away by its lighting effects. The incredible light refraction and shadows cast from the hand blown glass and through the roots are very beautiful. 

Vase & Leuchte

Plants integrated with Furniture Design.

Born in a small, lush village in the Rhone-Alpes region outside Paris, designer Pual Bellila needed to to escape the complex city world, and integrate nature into his dynamic environment. Out of his desire tbring harmony and freshness to his space, he created the unique Volcane coffee table and console collection. Its ceramic vase sculpturally houses plants, flowers or small trees like a bonsai. The trees add softness to each piece of furniture.

Volcane coffee table collection

Who needs a bulky vase when you can merge nature right inside your table. Brooklyn based designer Emily Wettstein designed an unique walnut Planter table which integrates plant material via an acrylic vessel which is attached at the underside of the table. I can imagine a wonderful abundance of apples, pumpkins or limes in this curvaceous slot for parties and holiday gatherings. 

Planter table

Sculptural Planters.

The Light + Ladder company creates modern and sculptural ways to decorate with plants. Imagine air plants in ceramic orbs called Spora or pyramidal ceramic sculptures called Ballast. You can hang them or display or on your table top. A grid of the Hive planters is art in itself. Perfect for miniature plants are the Hex Spora, organic shaped ceramic cups that rests on solid maple hexagonal coasters. So fun!

Light and Ladder: Hive, Ballast, Hex Spora and Spora

Have fun creating instantly lush texture with plants in your spaces! You will feel instant gratification of warmth, wellness and style when you introduce plants!

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