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Monday, December 23, 2013

its a bathroom revolution with LAUFEN and KARTELL

What the heck is SaphirKeramik? Its Laufen's revolutionary ceramic recipe that completely turns old materials into completely new shapes. I know you have never seen bathroom sinks with a thin edge before? 

Before SaphirKeramik it was nearly impossible to design and fabricate sinks with delicate edges. It is changing the design language for ceramics forever. Not only is its radii profile extremely thin but also provides a harder and greater flexible strength than vitreous or fire clay ceramic. Its refined look is a nod to a more contemporary design. 

Love the Invisible drain outlets hidden below slots...

These Laufen beauties work in concert with the new Kartell by Laufen bathroom collection with an array of different colors:smoke, ink blue, amber, orange tangerine, chrome or gold. The colored plastic adds pops of colors in the bathroom against LAUFENS ceramic pieces. They beautifully work together.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

To Paint or not to Paint Structural Beams?

What to do when you are under construction and can't decide what to do with color?  I recently got a letter asking what to do with exposed structural beams, paint or not?  

Dear MoD Design Guru,

Please excuse our mess as we are under construction. we've been trying to find the right paint color for our interior/exterior.  Because the beams continue to the outside and can be seen from the inside and the outside we figure we need to pick a color that goes with the interior and exterior.  We have already painted the ceiling white in both the dining and the kitchen - though we will be repainting everything so options are open.  I've included a picture here to show our new tile.  This is the gutted kitchen. Overall the new house finishes are shades of grey -kitchen cabs will be high gloss white. The tongue and grove is kind of a pickled or whitewash wood.  Many professionals have suggested we keep that and just paint the beams.  Do you have any ideas for us? Thank you for your time, Diane Klee

Dear Diane, 

You have a great space here..... large windows, open floor plan and I love how the exposed beams extend from the inside out. Great bones. For that reason, don't even think about painting those beams!  I'm frightened that your designer already started to paint the beams in that pic on the right. The space seems a bit blah now...The integrity of the structural beams need to sing!! You also ask about colors....the givens are a dark gray tiled floor and dark wood beams. There are a couple of things you can do. See some images for inspiration:

Pair the stained beams with a light gray wall and ceiling. You're high gloss white cabinets will pop... 


Pair the stained beams with a light white wall and painted white ceiling in between the beams.... clean and mod.


Go with a dark heavy ceiling. Match the wood inbetween the beams to the color of the beams. Its a nice contrast to the light walls. You have enough light  from the large windows to pull it off.... 

 Good luck and send me pics when the renovation is complete. Would love to see it!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

VOLA at BDNY: circular focus in Bath design

Vola- one-handle mixer 

I fell for VOLA, a Scandanavian tap brand at Boutique Design New York. I am a stickler for purity in design and was thrilled to see the pure circle as a key feature of VOLA. Who can forget the classic faucet designed by Arne Jacobsen for VOLA more than 40 years is an icon faucet whose mechanical parts of the mixer are hidden. Now in a multitude of colors and metal finishes. Its ceramic disc technology has a fixed spout with water saving aerator.

And some beauty in the shower...

Delish...The two hand build-in mixer with ¼ turn ceramic disc technology really caught my eye. The layered and textural metal finish is beautiful. Look how uber fantastic the brass finish looks with geometric tiles below:

Vola 871 brass

The built in soap and round paper tissue dispenser are killer.... both discreetly built into the wall!

Vola- Round series

Hmmmm....relax, yes! The round series shower system has a sophisticated proportion and works so nicely with the rest of the Vola collections. 

Round Series shower system

Mmm...comfy cozy. Don't forget to wrap yourself in a delish warm towel from their perfected towel warmer bars!

See the VINE

You can connect with VOLA on their WEBSITE

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

MoD Must Haves: nendo deep sea glass table

MoD Must Haves
stylish, modern, novel 
for glass lovers

One of my favorite materials is glass. Today, there are so many different options to choose from as new advancements in technology move forward. Architects and designers continue to push the envelope and are using glass in design and architecture in avant-garde ways. In collaboration with the company Glasitalia, Oki Sato, chief designer and founder of nendo has shown that glass can be manipulated in color and cut in an ingenious way.
His glass furniture table called "deep sea" emphasizes the spectrum of blue with the use of mirror and fuses and layers colored film onto multiple glass surfaces.
See the gorgeous images...

The perception of depth is beautiful....  

I'm smashed by how the shade of blue deepens and intensifies as your eye moves down each successive piece of glass. 

photos by hiroshi iwasaki

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