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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kitchen Nana Wall remodel

Hey Gang,
Sporting some ideas to expand my kitchen without the expense of a house addition. You are probably wondering, how do you do that? Join me and I will share my design ideas for my home remodel #2.

Now that we successfully completed house remodel #1 (see Zen Modern blog), we are planning to redesign our deck and create an outdoor livingroom that will step down to grade level. My husband has been asking me to start drawing up these plans for the deck. But what he doesn't realize is that I would also like to build the deck right behind the exterior wall of the kitchen (on second level) allowing us to create an outdoor livingroom off the kitchen. Surprise,are you reading this hubbie? This is a picture of the back wall of our 1986 kitchen soon to be renovated:

How do I rebuild our deck and transform our kitchen at the same time? By using the NanaWall Transition Kitchen system by Nana Wall, a leader in Opening Glass Walls. This system is a glass window-door combination that folds back to create a large wall opening up to 35 feet. The panels are hinged and connected together on a track allowing the glass wall to fold up and expand space. So, do you get me? I do not intend to add more square footage to my home. I only intend to structurally change the existing back wall by using the NanaWall Transition kitchen system and gain more space onto my 'new deck'.  I envision an entertaining space where friends and family can gather without the headache of bringing food, plates,etc in and out. Everything is open and easy. The pictures below are not my new kitchen but are images of how the Nanowall system works:  

This system would transform my home by enhancing our view to our wooded backyard, let natural light in and plenty of buggies in (ha ha) and expand our kitchen space for some awesome parties!! How cool and convenient would it be to add a bar right behind my kitchen counter? I can do this with the folded back window!

Technically, the wall system is weather tight, air tight and has been structurally tested for hurricane-resistant requirements. They are available in aluminum,wood or aluminum clad over wood frames in a wide variety of colors, finishes, panel widths and folding configurations. It works with the Nanowall SL45 Aluminum, WD65 and WD66 Wood systems. The 10 wood options include Lamboo (laminated bamboo), pine, spruce, beech, Douglas fir, oak and sapelli mahogany. Aluminum systems are available in durable powder coating in a choice of gloss or matte colors.

So my hubbie is now thinking, how much is this going to cost? Well, its not cheap. My NYC representative tells me the cost ranges between $500 and $1000 per running foot or $60 to $125 per square foot.

This is a revolutionary glass wall system that's as simple as flipping a latch and unfolding a door!
We all can dream!

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