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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Enjoy my light series called Celebrating light #03, where you will discover novel innovations in lighting design and technology seen at ICFF, International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2013.

Sleek geometric modular light fixture by Gabriel Scott called Welles. I love the contrast of black and copper from exterior to interior. Comes in brass and nickel too. The fixture can stand alone or grow into an enormous chandelier.

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The NUD lighting collection features dangling textile cords with vibrant colors, cool patterns and playful sockets. 

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The capsule shaped light fixture by Assembly design has some really cool features. Besides the peekaboo lighting effect through the hand-blown glass, the Right Lamp features a touch technology with on, off and dimming options. 


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Within the JOBY collection, Industrial designer Peter Stathis was showing his new impressive prototype light fixture called the Trapeze LED Table Light. Very skeletal looking fixture with joints that rotate like butter. The thin flat LED panel is designed with 102 LEDs inside to prevent glare.  Perfect fixture for the modern office offered in 6 different colors.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

the ANGLE: Outdoor Rustic Modern Spaces attitude, a point of view, a design perspective from Anne, writing specialist for JHE's Log Furniture Place, one of the oldest and most trusted online providers of log beds and rustic furniture. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Provence collection, Restoration Hardware Outdoor
Although the idea of a rustic modern space or building is something that has been around for at least fifty years, it is only in the last decade or so that the trend really started picking up speed. The home improvement revolution brought about by giant home goods stores allowed house owners to experiment with the entire design of their home space.
The accepted design of a rustic modern space is one in which rustic furniture and installations reside within a very modern space. This design trend often shows up inside homes, but venturing outside to create an outdoor rustic modern space offers some terrific opportunities to connect a modern approach to decor with the rustic appeal of the outdoors.

Choosing the Colors
Provence collection, Restoration Hardware Outdoor
Inside the home, rustic modern spaces will often showcase neutral and warm colors on the walls, such as white and cream, but green is a prevalent color as well and will come out naturally in an outside design. When planning an outdoor space from the ground up, focusing on including colors like beige and cream for items like seat cushions will allow the space to retain its modern feel.
Allow Nature to Come Through
Corsica pillows, Restoration Hardware Outdoor
The designer of an exterior rustic modern space might have it easy in allowing nature to run its course through the area, but care must be taken to ensure the space isn't too modern and that nature isn't pushed to the edge too harshly. Finding some neutral floral or leafy patterns for the fabric on some of the pieces of furniture offers a touch of nature within the space itself.
Green Technology
Legrave collection, Restoration Hardware Outdoor
One of the perfect pairings of modernity and rustic appeal comes from using raw beams and furniture alongside green technology such as energy efficient  lighting, which may create a wonderful glow for an evening party.

Natural and Reclaimed Wood
Aspen collection, Restoration Hardware Outdoor

A popular choice in many different styles today, reclaimed wood furniture offers the perfect approach to rustic decor. Reclaimed wood furniture often showcases a beautifully lived-in appeal that welcomes visitors as if they're walking into a space that's been the same for a hundred years. Alternatively, rustic furniture made from sustainable woods will also offer a green-friendly appeal to the space.
Finishing the Furniture

Emmet collection, Room and Board
A rustic modern space will often have a number of kitschy pieces that look as though a tree trunk was re-purposed for direct use in a home without any modification, such as a table where the legs look like four small tree trunks. This extreme approach to rustic furniture isn't absolutely mandatory to create a proper rustic space, however. Darkly finished wood is a subtle way to enhance the refinement of the design.

Minit collection, Room and Board

As you can see, a rustic modern backyard or outdoor space is the perfect way for people who love nature yet enjoy modern conveniences to create a beautiful gathering space. Crating a rustic outdoor space is a wonderful way to allow the outdoors to connect organically with the home's decor, and create a healthy balance between modern civilization and nature.

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Monday, May 27, 2013


Enjoy my light series called Celebrating light #02, where you will discover novel innovations in lighting design and technology seen at ICFF, International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2013.

The beauty of light against wire is seen in designer Kalin Asenov's artful wire and wood creation. The light breaks through perfectly drilled holes. 

Artistic blown glass bubbles with metal, cotton and leather cording by Pelle Designs appears to float in the air. 24K gold is brushed in a painterly fashion against the glass. Stunning! 

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The Eos fixture by Vita Lighting is comprised of authentic bird feathers all strategically placed by hand. The bulb is hidden within this fluff and you experience a soft heavenly glow. 

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Tom Dixon celebrates the joy of contrasts - the opposites of rough and smooth. Inspired by the sculptural simplicity of brass cooking pots in India, his Beat Light Stout fixture draws you in. Brass is back with a delightful hammered finish! 

Now this was cool...Tom Dixon's GIANT laser cut metal light fixture hung over its Trulab machinery, the equipment that fabricates its light's metal construction.  You can peek in and witness fabrication hands on. 

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Nice to see Mooi again since my trip to imm cologne. Designed by Bertjam Pot, Mooi showcased the Heracleum II chandelier inspired by the Heracleum plant. Low voltage LED's illuminate through its conductive leaf-like structure.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Phew..... lots of design in NYC over the past couple of weeks. I have so much to report. I will be focusing on a light series called Celebrating light, where you will discover novel innovations in lighting design and technology. Enjoy!

7 piece cluster lighting fixture by Iacoli & McAllister comes in brass or copper now! Bling, bling! I have seen it in matte black too. The fixture can be separated into individual pieces or clustered into a significant size pendant. Love the felxibility!

Inspired from natural phenomena with complex and unconventional geometries, Nervous System design company is creating some intricate affordable lighting, jewelry and tables using 3d-printing. You can create your very own custom cellular design jewelry and sculptural tables using their Cell Cycle design app. Click HERE. Read more about Nervous System in a past post

Artful lighting fixtures by Apparatus Studio showcased the merging of modern form with handcrafted materials like brass, hand etched glass, leather and found object.....If you close enough, the leather looks like the texture of a tree trunk. So interesting!!

Illumi are radial bands of lit wonder by Radius by Celadon Group. Made in Denmark, the fixtures are constructed from recycled aircraft-grade aluminum that offers intense indirect light. You can program 26 colors and it comes in a range of metal finishes.

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Luminous Cloud softlight mobiles, inspired by the mobile constructions of Alexander Calder by molodesign. You just want to reach up and touch it!

Over-sized Moon Shine Lamp & Shade drum pendants are simple yet significant. The choices are limitless...comes in numerous colors and materials like fiberglass parchment, metal, poly-carbonate, mesh, grass,etc. Perfect for a hotel or clubby spot!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Making the most of your spare room...
Do you have a spare room in your home that you do not know what to do with? The task of designing your spare room is no small undertaking.... while the decor and feel of the room have to be aligned with your tastes, it’s important to remember that you’re not the person who’s likely to be spending a lot of time in there, so the room’s appeal must be universal, but cool of-course! 

Here are a few tips to spruce up your spare room:

Decide on its use...
Before you begin purchasing new furniture for the room, or selecting color schemes, sit down and give some thought to how you intend to use the room so it doesn't end up looking like an uncomfortable blend of conflicting ideas.. If it’s primarily going to be for guests, remember this and decorate the room accordingly. There is nothing wrong with mixed-use spare rooms, but it’s best to decide on how they’re going to be used advance of decoration. 

Get rid of all your clutter....
Whatever good intentions you may have, spare rooms often become a dumping ground for all of the items that you can’t find space for in the rest of your home. Especially books that keep piling up and up, like in the image above....Redecorating your spare room is, therefore, the perfect opportunity to get rid of all your clutter.

Before making any changes to the decor or furniture arrangements, clear the room of all the items that you never use and consider giving away donating them to a local charity shop. 

Go for neutral colors....

Whether you have decided to turn your spare room into a home office or a guest room, neutral colors are always the best choice when it comes to decor. 

Grays and taupes are the new neutral for 2013 and are inherently welcoming to all.  Neutral colors always give you the option to easily change the purpose of the room at a later date, if your circumstances and needs should change.

Opt for some space savers...

When it comes to decorating a spare room, space is traditionally at a premium; it is, therefore, wise to invest in some space-saving items like sofa beds. The London based company Sainsbury have a range of sofa beds and is an exceptionally comfortable sofa bed for your spare room that is both functional and helps to create the illusion of extra space. (see pic above)

Other space saving items on your Sainsbury’s shopping list could include shelving and stackable storage boxes. When trying to make the most of your spare room, it’s all about creating as much floor space as possible.

Create the illusion of space.....

A well lit room should have two or three different light sources, including ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. Strategically placed mirrors reflect light from lamps and create the illusion of space, too. Love the look of different sized mirrors in the industrial-chic image above.

Applying the finishing touches.....

When designing your spare room, the finishing touches are your opportunity to add a little personality to the decor. Are you lovin' that skull in the image above? Whether it’s a tastefully chosen armchair, a bold painting or a trendy sculpture, the finishing touches are the perfect way to give your neutral spare room that little bit of character!!

Good luck with the re-design of your spare room. Send me pics!