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Thursday, February 21, 2013


3D printing, a new construction method has become a buzz word over the past few years. You can make almost anything from aerospace parts, to jewelry to products for home design. The process is as follows: you enter a CAD drawing and the printer produces thin layers of materials, fusing them together turning your creation into a three-dimensional object. Voila!

Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jess Louis-Rosenberg of Nervous System design company are creating some awesome affordable lighting, jewelry and housewares using 3d-printing. All inspired by nature with complex and unconventional geometries. I was amazed to learn that on their site you can create your very own custom cellular jewelry and sculptural design using their Cell Cycle design app. Click HERE.  

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  1. Those designs are amazing. And I'm simply loving this 3D design's got a lot easier to 'feel' your designs now.

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