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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Transparent concrete

My Scientist Dad is an innovator and a pioneer in the application of light and photonics technology, a forward thinker. He instilled in me to do more than what is expected, and to push the envelope. Not surprisingly over the weekend we were discussing new technologies for architecture and he asked me, “Can light transmit thru concrete? “ I thought to myself-how ridiculous. But he was already on Google ready to prove me wrong. He typed in Transparent Concrete. I couldn’t believe my eyes. In 2001, a Hungarian architect named Aron Losonczi already invented a light transmitting concrete. The translucent concrete block is now being manufactured by a Hungarian company named LiTracon.

What does this mean for the future of buildings? Cement can light up a room? You will be able to see images and objects behind concrete blocks? A concrete wall can essentially disappear? YES, as seen in these pictures! I am very excited about this!  This is just the beginning of endless possibilities for interior and exterior applications!!!

Litracon concrete blocks basically is a blend of optical glass fibers with concrete. The fibers become a component of the concrete since they act like small pieces of aggregate. These blocks are suitable for floors, pavements and load bearing walls.  See pic below with shadows of trees behind:

And Get this, earlier this week architect Aron Losonczi gave a public lecture at the National Building Museum concerning his revolutionary product. If I had known about the lecture, I would have loved to have met him and peruse the current exhibition at the musuem entitled Liquid Stone: New architecture in concrete which features a five foot tall Litracon wall.

Not only does LiTracon concrete have the capabilites to transmit light and revolutionize the building and design industry, but it will help save energy and better our planet!

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