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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Corning's Home of the Future

Ever wonder how we have internet, twitter, e-mail, pay at home TV or u-tube videos? It is because 40 years ago Corning invented the low-loss optical fiber that ignited the communications revolution that forever changed the world. These optical fibers are hair thin strands of pure glass containing mirrors inside the inner core of the fiber so it can transport data thru a tunnel of light. Corning's innovation has positioned itself as the leader in specialty glass, ceramics and optical fibers. The combination has enabled voice, data and video communication literally at the speed of light.

Currently the world is connected thru optical fiber technology. Whats next? Two weeks ago, I wrote about the Smart Mirror which questioned how will tomorrow’s software and technologies transform how we work, play, and communicate in our own homes.  Well, get this! A few years ago, Corning released the below video which had given us a sneek peek at the potential of what glass surfaces in our homes could do. What they reveal is as innovative as the magic mirror! Touch a glass appliance or a glass wall surface and you will be able to read up on the daily news or review your daily calendar, pick up email, enlarge or draw on digital photographs with your finger, chat or video conference with your friends. Optical fiber technologies will also enable walls to change into three dimensional movies transporting us into other worlds. Imagine if your kids are studying marine life, within a touch of button, your family could be amongst whales and coral.  The 1953 novel Farenheit 451 had described these wall televisions that take up three of the four walls in a room. But Ray Bradbury was not applauding technology but focusing on how television destroys societies interest in reading.  Perhaps tomorrow's designers, architects and contractors,who have not been exposed or challenged to incorporate these kinds of technologies yet, will have to figure out the right balance as we forge ahead into the 21st century.

CLICK below video:

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