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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Metrie Moldings, your imagination is not limited

The Authors library by designer Aly Velji
Credit: Felix O.B. at FXO Photography

Trim moldings to a room are like accessories to an outfit. They can adorn a plain Jane room and make it a true showpiece. Moldings offer interesting architectural detail that can make a dramatic difference. Your imagination is not limited- trim can be added to walls, to ceilings, around windows and doors, and along architectural features such as fireplaces, built in bookcases and kitchens. There are all kinds of moldings to purchase from paintable, stainable woods to pre-finished woods which do not have to be painted! So meet Metrie, a supplier and manufacturer of wood and molding who I was introduced to at the Kitchen and Bath Industry show in Orlando Florida (KBIS). Metrie is all about the details and is dedicated to creating crafted architectural elements and makes sure their product meets the highest standards for quality and design.

BlogTour KBIS 2017
Credit: Felix O.B. at FXO Photography BlogTour KBIS

At the KBIS show, Metrie had a special contest called #MyMetrieTrimspiration just for BlogTourKBIS 2017 participants. Here we are above:

For the contest, we had to post on Instagram what Metrie product most inspired us. I posted the above image and won an Apple Watch with a Lux Wood watch band. I have to say, I really really love my watch...thankyou so much Metrie, great contest idea!!

I will never look at moldings the same. Metrie displayed different ways to use moldings.

On a coffered ceiling around Light fixtures:

Moldings used as Clothing rods:

I love the dark painted moldings because it gives more visual impact. You can see that painting a traditional molding a darker color modernizes the look and makes a statement. Also, crowns that are very delicately carved and angled on the ends add a real touch of elegance when painted gold:

The Authors library by designer Aly Velji using the Pretty Simple Finishing collection. It has a very traditional and heavy wood detailing but he created a sense of modernity in the details. The ceiling treatment highlighted a unique way to make this library unconventional:

Designer Andrew Pike's take on the Very Square Finishing Collection for a wine cellar look was a fave. He used a rich gray color that gives a traditional stye a very modern feel.

You really can be imaginative and not break the bank. Just use moldings, Metrie ofcourse!

Thankyou to MetrieModenus and all our wonderful sponsors of BlogTourKBIS2017 #designhounds


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Friday, February 3, 2017

Why I cried at the DXV Design Panel 2017 announcement?

DXV Design Panel 2017 announcement
Credit: Felix O.B. at FXO Photography

Since I got home from KBIS, friends and family called saying, "I know something BIG happened but I'm not sure what, so what's going on?" I respond with a giggle as I know several photos on facebook and instagram have been posted dubbed "the many faces of Michele Alfano"..... What's so important that could make me break down in tears? 

DXV Design Panel 2017 announcement
Credit: Pamela Copeman

Tears of joy for sure on top of something my brother Scott said to me right before the announcement. He said, " I didn't know Dad was in the room." That hit me. I got all vclempt because we both admire our father who is a renown scientist in the field of optics. It was awesome to have Scott there by my side as I take a step forward in my career. 

Me and Scott Alfano
Me and my brother Scott Alfano
Credit: Pamela Copeman

Well I got over the tears and took it all in and I told my friends that it was announced that I was on the next DXV Design Panel 2017 among three other elite designers: 
 Kati Greene Curtis Corey Damen Jenkins and Alison McRae-Habermehl. They then ask, "What is DXV?"

DXV Design Panel 2017 announcement
Credit: Rebecca Reynolds

DXV by American Standard is a portfolio of meticulously crafted fixtures and faucets that celebrate and re-imagine design movements of the past 150 years. For the past four years, they have invited designers to create stages from one of these design movements and use their products and accessories to create beautiful environments that transport us back in time but used in a modern way. I was selected for the MODERN movement, no surprise there...and have already given in my #DXVTOPSECRET design. I am flying to Minneapolis next week to present my design to DXV! I am thrilled to have this huge opportunity to showcase my Architectural eye and be a part of DXV's history in inspired design to elevate the experience of everyday living - which is in my core beliefs as a designer. Here are some of the awesome designs from the past Design Panel 2016: 

Mid-Century Resort by Pulpstudio- Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry
Credit: DXV

 Contemporary Beach By Genevieve Ghaleb
Credit: DXV

 The Golden Apple by Richard Anuszkiewicz
Credit: DXV
 Southern Classic by Susan Jamieson
Credit: DXV

While at KBIS, we were introduced to DXV's new beautiful collections:

Their sleek and sexy Modulus suite of contemporary luxury bath fixtures and fittings highlights an urban point of view with European influences to offer minimalist, yet functional design. The graceful Modulus countertop lavatories are offered in a variety of sizes and configurations, including marble and concrete models.

The most interesting part of the design is how one can experience the product. Jean-Jacques Lhenaff , VP of Lixil showed us how the solid surface tray is designed to perfectly fit on the counter and then can be stored over and inside the wall hung storage unit below. A very thoughtful design. 

The sinuous shape of the Modulus tub is perfect for soaking.  I love the floor mount tub filler, its so sculptural! 

The Modulus faucet below comes in different finishes and a single mount version too as shown in black below. Notice the hammered ring? 

 The ring has an assortment of finishes and you can add it to the faucet and tub filler. Love that little touch of detail! 

Thankyou to DXV, Modenus and all our wonderful sponsors of BlogTourKBIS2017 #designhounds


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