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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Artist Maya Malioutina: a narrative of aged surfaces

Heymdesign innovations introduces Designer Spotlight, a series of Q&A interviews featuring emerging artists and premier design voices in the fields of architecture, interior, product, and fashion design.

                                                                  Artist Maya Malioutina

Walking from studio to studio at the DUMBO Open Studio Arts Festival 2011 in Brooklyn, N.Y., I stumbled across some extraordinarily unique paintings called Knotted. Like woven wires, the concentric circles were so rich in texture and dimension that I wanted to touch them. The artist, Maya Malioutina saw my interest and surprisingly allowed me to. She was extremely personable and passionately said, “the knotted work is such a joyful piece. When people see it and touch it, their faces light up. I love that, I feel that I make art just for that moment.” C'mon, when do you ever get to touch art? While feeling every groove, I got excited by the thought that her knot technique can be integrated into architectural applications: partitions, door panels, screens, furniture, etc. Maya said that she hadn’t had the opportunity yet; but it is possible.

Maya Malioutina’s engaging paintings study things that are imperfect and incomplete. Her work embraces the mystery and biographies within textured surfaces of walls, corners and sidewalks and how their imperfections are enhanced and transformed by the passage of time thru erosion, oxidation, peeling paint, and rust. Her work becomes interactive because it invites the viewer to be transported and experience what lies beneath and beyond. 


Knotted 2
Knotted 3

I asked Maya how she makes her 'knots'. Maya says,” her knotted work is all done by hand. It is a slow and patient process that involves 15 to 30 layers of acrylic paint, gold leaf, lacquer and an emulsion.” She wouldn’t reveal her special technique but it’s anyone’s guess. Like her work, some things need to remain a mystery.....


If you would like to meet Maya and see her work, she participates in an ‘Open Studio’ celebration that is the first Thursday of every month in her studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn. It is located on 55 Washington Street, Suite 271, Brooklyn N.Y.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dent Cube Architectural Wall System

I discovered an eye catching and innovative architectural product that can absorb and filter toxic particles from the air and define space with elements of dimension, texture and architectural pattern! This 50% recycled product is called Dent Cube by Inax, a Japanese manufacturer of tiles and building materials. It is a system of three dimensional porous, porcelain stoneware cubes that can be used to create interior or exterior walls in an array of endless configurations!

Inax collaborated the concept of Nagomi (stands for inner peace and serenity) with architect and designer Teruo Yasada to attain a synthesis of durability and beauty by integrating porcelain tiles, colored glass mosaics, wood or organic material.

I particularly love the idea of a garden wall with these rhythmic and dimensional tiles! You can infill moss or any type of organic material into these atmospheric cubes. Plants condition the air, absorb noise, and make our living spaces more beautiful and enjoyable!! It is now available through artedomus.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Giveaway for the little gentleman

Shirtzie  from Andy & Evan for little gentlemen
This week's Giveaway

Shirtzie Orange Plaid (size 6-12) from Andy & Evan for little gentlemen

To Enter:
Its so easy! Just post this comment: what favorite architect or interior designer inspires you!

Post your info.(email, facebook OR twitter) so I can find you to announce you are the winner!

Giveaway ends:
Tuesday, November 22nd at 6:00pm (USA only)

Last Thursday night, I went to an Open Sky party to preview and shop some of the best products across style, design, food and health that have been handpicked by Open Sky curators who are talented designers, fashionistas,foodies, etc. One of the innovators I met was Evan Hakalir from Andy & Evan for little gentlemen. His company makes high quality boy's clothing that is both practical and fashionable. I asked Evan to describe their product in three words and what inspired him to start his company. Without hesitation Evan said his product can be summed up in these three words, "innovative, fashionable and well-made." I have to agree. I wish my son could fit into that Plaid Shirtzie! Love the attention to detail! Evan and his partner Andy (Jon Perl) left successful jobs in corporate america and was inspired to start a company that is product and customer driven. They travelled the world to source the finest fabrics and to learn the process of manufacturing high quality apparel. On their travels, they noticed a void in the marketplace for well made boy's clothing." Their foward thinking and creativity resulted positively as their clothes are being sold in several high end department and specialty stores across the country. Check out their website and see all the adorable shirts and pants sizes up to 4T. Andy and Evan generously donated their plaid Shirtzie above as the Giveaway prize which is one of their most successful products. So Enter to Win!! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Celebs, Foodies and Shopping, OH MY!

Tons of fun at the Open Sky press party for their new Pop-up gallery last night in Soho, NYC !! Open Sky comes to life and presents their holiday gift gallery at 477 Broome Street over this weekend from 10am to 8pm. Open Sky's mission is to help you find things you are interested in by giving you the power to design your ideal shopping site. Go in person to see the POP up gallery or click Open Sky to preview and shop some of the best products across style, design, food and health that have been handpicked by Open Sky curators: who are talented designers, foodies, fashionistas, fitness experts and actors. Who said it best was John Caplan,  Founder/CEO of Open Sky, "this wasn't just any party, it was a celebration of creators, innovators, the passionate and the inspired, those who believe anything is possible and follow their dreams." I was inspired! It really was so exciting to meet new people and some of the amazing curators! Special thanks to my good friend Kim from Designthoughts for inviting me!!

Check out all the fun and all the cool products below:

Me and my pal Kim, from Designthoughts

Me, Tyler Wisler (HGTV Design Star), Elise (Here in this House), Lana (Make a house a home)

Me and Tyler Wisler (Interior designer and HGTV Design Star)

Me and Martyn Lawrence Bullard (Interior Designer to the Stars, Star of Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators)

Me and Evan (Andy & Evan for little gentlemen)
Kim, Sara Dick (wife of Jamin Dick Executive of Open Sky) and Me

Me and Allison, from Wall Candy Arts

Some of the cool product presented in an artful way:

Bradley Bayou's pick-Artecnica Cut Vase
Andy & Evan for little gentlemen
Elina'Furman's pick-Hoodies by SpiritHoods Kids
Gina Harvey;s of Fitnessista pic-Himalayan Salt Lamp
Andrew Zimmern pick-Molecular Cuisine kit by CRC Press
Martyn Lawrence Ballard New Book Live, Love & Decorate
Kath Younger of Kath Eats pick -Buddha Bowl by Flavour Design

Feel the creative juices flowing? Only a sampling of tons of fantastic products! Cudos to Open Sky: a very unique way to shop!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wall Candy Arts

I am so thrilled to share this news! Today, I announce a GIVEAWAY and a 20% discount for all my readers generously given from a very exciting and innovative designer/manufacturer of wall decals and wall art called Wall Candy Arts!! 

Before disclosing the Giveaway Prize, let me first tell you all about this cool product:

Have you ever seen hip modern removable wall art that you won't need any special tools or instructions for? Just peel, stick and Voila! a cool patterned wall without the mess! It's so easy, your own child can apply it to the wall effortlessly without tape, glue or tacks. New York based Allison Krongard is the inventor of these non-toxic Vinyl and reusable wall decals and wall art. She started with a BIG idea: "if kids imaginations grow as fast as their bodies, why not create a decor element that's easy to change and easy to apply."

DottiLicious Dots

I have known Allison for many years and her creativity comes as no surprise. I asked her where she draws her inspiration and what two designs she is most proud of. Allison says "I draw my inspiration from every aspect of my life from things my children say, cards I see in bookstores, dreams I have, fashion magazines, design blogs, food blogs, books...really all over. The two designs I'm most proud of are the chalkboards because it took many years of hardwork to get the patent approved (see pics below) and the DottiLicious dots because it is my oldest, most successful and most copied design as I was the first one in the decal market to come out with it." (See pic above)

Rococo chalkboard
I have to agree, these chalkboards are my FAVE. They are wonderful for all you MOMs! List all those important reminders on this decorative chalkboard anywhere from your refrigerator door to your mudroom vestibule. There are other chalkboard sizes too (4) 19 x 24 1/2" or combined makes a larger 49" x 38".

Also, take a look at her line of temporary wallpaper. Have you ever heard of that? Brilliant idea! As we all know, wallpaper is tough on walls and leaves behind adhesive which is very hard to get off. On the contrary, Wall Candy wallpapers do not need glue to stick on and are easily removable and re-usable. I love it, commitment-free wallpapers!!  Click here to see the Wall Candy wallpaper selection for many personality types: patterns for the stripe traditionist, a modern London bus pattern for the traveler and a mustache pattern for the stylish with a sense of humor. (See pics below)

London Bus
Oh, for your little sweethearts.... perfect for your little car enthusiast who wants to build and rebuild a super speedway with this pin striped race car decal:

To safeguard your little darlin' at night, create a colorful and tranquil environment with watchful owls wall art:

Spell out your child's name with these chic peel and stick letters for boys and girls:

Toss out those ugly looking stars that glow at night and replace it with these modern peel-and stick glow in the dark light strands that add a soothing glow to your child's bedroom. So cool! 

As you can see, Wall Candy brings amazing and unique design in an innovative way to decorate nurseries, kids' rooms, play rooms and rooms for teens and adults. There is so much more so click here to peruse Wall Candy Arts.

The holidays are right around the corner, what a perfect gift! And Get this, Wall Candy Arts is offering all my readers a 20% discount. So great! At checkout, type in the code heymdesign20.

Now are YOU all pumped up for the GIVEAWAY!!!
There is only (1) ONE winner (ONLY U.S.A.)!

PRIZE: Rococo Chalkboard. Love it!

Here's how to enter:

1. Entry #1: Post a comment and tell me what YOU like from the Wall Candy Arts website?
2. Entry #2: Click 'Like' on the heymdesign blog.
3. Entry #3: Tweet, " I may win a cool giveaway on @heymdesign and @wallcandyarts."
4. Giveaway ends: Monday, November 14th at 6 p.m.
5. Please enter only once. I will be using to pick the winner.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Miks design

Ho ho ho and Oy vey, the holiday season is approaching fast and furious and it feels like its right around the corner. Are you starting to panic or are you already making your list? This year wouldn't it be cool to purchase unique and memorable gifts from independent artists and designers? In the next couple of weeks, I will be posting some cool finds from such innovators.

Lets start with Netherlands based Miks design that evolved when Mariska Versluis realized she could customize her own line of iPhone and iPod covers when she didn't like anything else out there for her own iPhone. Check out her stylish and funky cases that are made up of recycled bags, laminated cotton or oilcloth on the outside and felt on the inside.  Her cases keep your iPhone and iPods safe from scratches and dust and the strap safely secures your iPhone from falling out. My favorite is the newspaper print cover, very fitting idea for this handheld communication device.

Newspaper print -laminated cloth
Black and White print-oil cloth