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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MoD must Haves: 2014 Wanted Design Part 2

MoD Must Haves
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2014 Wanted Design Part 2: Creative. Collective. Dynamic. Design Community. 
During NYCxDesign located in the landmark Terminal stores building on 11th Avenue.

Product and Fashion designer Anastasia Su and Architect Martin Lesjak have partnered as 13 & 9, an interdisciplinary design collective. Their funky and architectural jewelry and bags are so cool! The Jewelery Geometric collection is inspired by nature: stone symbolizing permanence and the honeycomb shape symbolizing modular functionality. You can layer the rings and bracelets together to create endless shapes and your own distinctive fashion. And oh my... I want that black leather geometric bag! The Geometric collection of messenger bags and handbags rely on proportioned hexagons as the basis for the shape. Its the perfect synthesis of its designers Anastasia and Martin - the union of architecture and fashion.

 Alacantra, a leading Italian material brand for a variety of fields such as fashion, interior design and decor and electronics showcased their conic vines by award winning Japenese studio Nendo. The cones could make an interesting plant-like screen to divide spaces. 

Austin based designer Michael Yates creates some beautifully detailed furniture with Danish cord and textiles. The weaving is impeccable. His Giacomo rocker was an exciting surprise using a textile rug to support the seat of the rocker.

I love these unique Inception 3D silicone dish racks | desk organizer simulating a model of midtown Manhattan.  It is designed by Luca Nichetto for design brand Seletti

Stunning glass objects by Chicagoland.  Keeping an American design tradition, their designers focus on truth to material. Their Collection WEST is an evolving collection of objects, sculptures, housewares. 

The Duo Tables collection for Haymann editions by Lucie Koldova and Dan Yeffet are functional sculpture. It speaks simplicity with a hint of surprise in the use of the material.

Haymann #wanteddesign #lighting#marble
— MoD Design Guru (@ModDesignGuru) May 16, 2014

Extremis design equals functional + good design. Their mission is to bring people together in a technical but beautiful way. Every detail has meaning and thoughtfulness- its easy to open and close and they think about how people will use it. For example, a woman in a dress doesn't haven't to climb over the bench. You first sit at the end of the bench and then swing your legs across. Now that's good design!

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wanted Design Lighting Experience 2014

Blackbody convex mirror

2014 Wanted Design shines brightly this year with all the amazing designs! It is the creative and dynamic destination for the international design community during NYCxDesign located in the landmark Terminal stores building on 11th Avenue. The 360 degree experience had a multitude of engaging installations, and memorable products for design lovers. It was the lighting that started the show and led my eye down the tunnel with inspiring work from creative minds! Come see.....

Blackbody showcased some beauties with their convex mirror and OLED chandeliers (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) that can be used for inside and outdoor installations. This OLED technology sculpts and manipulates pure light to create a constellation of awe.  (image above)

Furniture designer David Trubridge has devised some thrilling light fixtures all based off a simple shape that connects together. The repetition creates some unexpected patterns and wonderful lighting affects. The fixture above is called Kina and its materials are Bamboo plywood with frosted polycarbonate. 

Trubridge's felt fixture also acts as an acoustic device.

La Cage by Mick Ricereto

ILEX launched "The Portfolio", a collaborative partnership which showcased six pre-eminent and emerging American designers, three of which I had the pleasure to meet along with CEO Alan Indursky. They each designed distinct architectural lighting with different solutions.  Above is La Cage by Mick Ricereto. Great sleekenss to its industrial cage - is made out of plated steel and opal glass. 

Michael Walk's Timbale

Love the elegant and simplistic lines of the Michael Walk's Timbale. He explained to me that the shape is great for hotel installations due to its depth. It comes in aluminum and matte acrylic. 

CEO of Ilex Alan Indursky & Laura Kirar. Libro Multi-pendant

The stunner was Laura Kirar's Libro Multi-pendant. It just shimmers. The amber glass made in Milano takes on an interesting shape and its brass hardware and gold flecks envelopes the light around it. Laura told me she envisions the fixture for large installations and I totally agree with her! A large grouping would be just fabulous! 

Socket Pocket, a proud partnership of designers in Seattle Washington has a variety of cool modern fixtures with great uses of materials. The Spun fixture is a natural beauty with a beautiful copper shade accessorized with wood, copper and powder coated aluminum. Stokk and Strung below both offer versatility and can be clustered.

Product and Fashion designer Anastasia Su and Architect Martin Lesjak have partnered as 13 & 9, an interdisciplinary design collective. Besides the amazing jewelry, and handbags they design, 13 & 9 has created the Rock collection, an amazing modern light collection made from razor thin natural slate stone veneer. The stones natural variations assure a one-of-a-kind piece. The fixtures can stand alone or be grouped together.

Designers Stephanie and ToddMacAllen of molo design create installations related to spaced making. Their could softlights hung over their softwall and soft seating creating an entryway for visitors of the show.

Artisan Francois Azambourg has launched a line of furniture and objects all handmade. His LED Hanging Lamp called Very Nice echoed structural bridge construction. It is laser-cut and glued with 9mm birch faced plywood structure. Polyester is stretched and wrapped by hand as well.

Designer Oki Sato of Nendo widens our thoughts of what the shower experience can be. For Axor, Nendo has developed a shower fixture as a lamp. What we know to be a fixture in a livingroom will now be translated into the bathroom experience.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Catherine Latson Organic Narratives

Natural materials take central stage in Artist Catherine Latson's work. She takes cues by nature's intrinsic properties and allows her organic materials to inform her work. What really caught my eye was the natural structure, patterns, and textures of Catherine's garment series at the 2014 Architectural Digest show.... In amazement I had to step closer to understand what I was looking at. In her garment series, she explores the language of clothing and each piece explores different personalities  - reaching corrosion, imperfection, and decomposition. Catherine Latson adds,  "these personalities are the making of good stories. Ultimately, my work is designed to complement any space that welcomes whimsical use of natural materials." 

I'm excited to share an interview with Catherine Latson today:


Weaving stories using unconventional materials in unconventional ways is, I suppose,my signature style. The Garment series explores the language of clothing. Clothing is a uniquely human experience and I want to turn that experience on itʼs head by offering unconventional versions of the packages we put ourselves in and, perhaps, too often define ourselves by. While the forms I offer are recognizably human, they are twisted, abstracted, seemingly decomposed. The materials confuse the situation even more. I want to keep the viewer guessing. I reach for the imperfect and corroded. Those are the
makings of good stories.


I donʼt get caught up in concept. My work doesnʼt preach. I have a penchant for the whimsical and hope my work offers something a little different.


I let my materials take the creative lead. I am drawn to organic “stuff”, to natural textures and structures. I spend much of my time gathering, dismantling, and concocting new ways to assemble the crazy things I find. I plan very little in advance. Materials are pushed and pulled until something unfolds and I run with it.


Balance. Not taking oneself too seriously.Prying myself from producing work to do the business of an artist (PR, etc.) more often.


I started taking notice of framed antique clothing, everything from christening dresses and wedding veils to military uniforms and undergarments. What a strange trend. While I respected the sentimentality of these keepsakes, there was something haunted about them. There was no narrative, no story, no “who”. They were shells of human stories, little souls frozen in time, stained and frayed. Thatʼs when I decided to weave stories.


Avoid fragile. Some of the most beautiful organic materials are also the most delicate. While the finished product looks great, they donʼt tolerate a lot of moving around. Mother nature wins every time. I used a pile of dry (or so I thought) seed pods in one piece. Midway through making the piece, the pods opened, releasing fuzzy, milkweed-like fluff. It was actually pretty cool, but imagine if it happened after the piece was purchased. Sell to buyers with a sense of humor.


While the fashion industry is not a place I look to for inspiration, Alexander McQueen was a brilliant mind. He made the grotesque beautiful and broke all the rules with theatrics. He loved the mechanics of nature. He didnʼt create costumes, he created creatures. His exhibit, Savage Beauty, at the Met was breathtaking. Each piece had a haunting story. I was transfixed.


Twin Knolls. This private Vermont family retreat was designed and built in the 20ʼs by Paul Thayer (famous for the Long Trail Lodges). It is an earthy, magical place. Hearths you can walk into flank the two-story main room. Birch bark lampshades, twisted root drawer pulls and door handles, and bark covered railings, bed frames, and structural beams are just a few of the details that make this place unique. Bench swings hang inside from timber rafters. Porches wrap the place with views of the Green Mountains. Critters come and go, but we share the place on good terms. Our family has spent 50
years there and it hasnʼt changed an ounce. It is a rustic work of art. It is a gem.


Ask yourself if you want to be working for someone who has you under the gun.


Seek quiet and simplify. It is such a noisy world. Everyone is talking. We need to turn off the machines and listen.

Thank you Catherine!!

You can connect with Catherine Latson on her WEBSITE

Image creditsCatherine Latson

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Designer Tips: Spring 2014 Trends to revamp your home

Spring has finally sprung and I was honored to be asked my opinion among award winning designers by LP General Contracting, Northern California's expert for new construction and restoration on what are some catchy Spring 2014 trends to warm up and make your space unique! I humbly say thank you LP General Contracting for the incredible feature!! 

Read the article to get some great tips from designers Kerrie Kelly on how to mix old with new, Landfair Furniture's belief on how a room should reflect who you are and my own tips on how to have fun with Texture and Pattern! 

To connect with LP General Contracting, 
see their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK

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Monday, May 12, 2014

DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Input Creative Studio | Artist Children's Portrait Studio Eight

Taking cues from technology, nature and contemporary lifestyle, New York based Input Creative Studio designers (and friends) Yiannos Vrougos and Brooke Lichtenstein created a modern, versatile and playful design for Studio Eight Photos, an artist children's portrait studio in Thessaloniki, Greece.  The design is thoughtful with a lot of bold details.  I'm really loving the graphic elements set against an all white space......especially the punch of blue inside a custom playhouse, a great space and backdrop for shoots with the kids. Defines fun and perfectly suited for a kids photographers studioThe set in itself is is flexible and adaptable with a modular lounge that can be configured in a variety of ways for different shoots. Check out the images...

If you would like to meet the Input Creative Studio designers, they are teaching a workshop on the design process from conception to completion with a breakdown of the steps of the process for NYC x Design this Wednesday May 14th  from 7:00-9:00pm. Click here to sign up!!

You can connect with INPUT Creative Studio on their

Image creditsEfi Panagoula/ Studio Eight Photos

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