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Friday, May 11, 2012


Innovation exploded when the creative partnership formed between two creative giants, the house of Alexander McQueen under Sarah Burton and Barlas Baylar’s Hudson Furniture. I nearly flipped out as McQueen and Hudson Furniture are my two favorite design houses!!
I recently read in Interior Design Magazine that McQueen and Hudson jointly designed collections for a one-of-a-kind couture fashion and architectural design launch back in December. I missed this hush-hush industry event at Hudson’s 8000 sq ft showroom but that doesn’t stop me from loving this artful collaboration and how the two innovative and new collections intermingle! McQueen’s spring-summer collection are elaborate, hand-appliqued beauties and Hudson, although known for a combination of reclaimed wood, metals and resin, dramatically explored new materials and forms like edgy geometric consoles and exciting creations that borders as art. Examine the images below where fashion meets design via Interior Design Mag:

I love this play of hard against soft....
McQueen's gown of hand-appliquéd silk brocade meets
Hudson's Tusk chandelier in polished stainless steel
and Rose Base dining table in walnut and bronze.

Breathless....this is stunning! My eye can't focus...
Hudson's gorgeous Mother chandilier in laser-cut stainless steel
and innumerable yards of faceted nickel chains offsets
McQueen's outstanding hand-appliquéd beaded silk dress!

This chair is Art!
Hudson's lacqured black sculptural chair was
inspired by the shape of sting-rays. Don't get stung!

Wowser, sculptural furniture!
This intricate, piercing black armoire is lacquered walnut
with pulls in a cast bronze-copper alloy.
I just want to touch it!

Is this console FIERCE or what?
I love the combination of smooth, and rough, so sleek!
Hudson's Lipstick console table is made up of slabs
of nickel, bronze, acrylic, and zircote walnut wood.

The Lipstick console table offsets McQueen's
hand-appliqued silk charmeuse dress. Perfection!

Incredible design, right!!

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