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Monday, March 18, 2013


COMPANY: fotoblech
PRODUCT: perforated metal on aluminium, stainless steel, synthetics
CHARACTER: pixel grid of different sized perforations. Coated by anodizing or electroplating.

Fotoblech company has given designers a creative platform to dream up unique ideas with perforated metal sheets. With multiple sized perforations from large to small, in conjunction with color gradients, shadows and highlights, metal appears three-dimensional. See some of the options below.

Photography ...they can take any image and convert it into a hole pattern. The different holes all together form the motif. What a great gift for someone! Click here to play with the demo.

The possibilities are endless for architecture such as large scaled facades, railings, screens in windows...

For interiors too..panelling for bars, cool partitions.....keep dreaming....

(all images from fotoblech)

For more information, click foroblech's WEBSITE

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