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Sunday, March 3, 2013


MOD Must Haves
pure, novel, tactile
for TYPE A personalities

Having a problem with tons of wires on your desk? 

Need something to organize you? 

Living in a computer complex world, I gotta a simple solution for you, the MOS Organizer

MOS sent me their Magnetic Organization System (MOS) and I have to say it just does that, organize your computer wire mess!


The MOS is a magnetic device has a micro suction base to keep affixed to your desk top or your wall. 

Wires magnetically attach to the device. The set also includes magnet-equipped cable ties if your cable is not connecting right. 

The color white harmonizes well in a white kitchen. It also comes in aluminum and black. 

Would this help you? Share your thoughts and some of your computer organizing ideas.

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