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Friday, March 1, 2013


on the MDG RADAR in New York City

get digitally INTERACTIVE 

Eyebeam Art & Technology Center unveiled Gimme More: Is Augmented reality the next medium?, an award winning project by EPFL + ECAL LAB   whose core mission is training, research and technology. Something not to miss and is still going on thru Saturday, March 2. The public is confronted  with more than just any exhibition. With digital technology, an object can tell a story, reveal information and force conversations between body and space. 
Artists are questioning the prospects of what makes the value of an object, its identity, and our relationship with it. There are some intriguing ideas here, certainly projects that demonstrate how the importance of our body determines the placement of virtual information. Take a peek at some of the images I took below.


I met the artist, Cem Server and he demonstrated how the motion of your body controls the location of digital data. I really enjoyed Textur and how it turns the user's body into an antenna that collects the surrounding flows of digital information. 

He questions, "Are we aware of the virtual stream of information submerging us? Are we in tune with the content?"


In Ghost, artist Thomas Eberwin technologically picks up the body's  gestures and movements and integrates it into the work of art. My silhouette is in that video above. Our actions cause turbulence and leave tracks, turning our bodies into particles. 

I am intrigued by this notion that technology and computers will no longer control us. It will be the user or the participant who creates meaning and significance in this complex world. This is our future!

Have you seen any interesting digital art lately? Please share!

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