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Sunday, March 10, 2013


MOD Must Haves
pure, novel, tactile
for textile lovers

Do designers know about the company Bark Cloth and its special textile handmade from the bark of ficus trees in Uganda, Africa called Barktex? The bark is taken from trees and beaten into sheets. The bark will grow back every year so this textile is sustainable and ecological. Take a look at its unique texture, tactility and character:

The production is simple but craftsmanship is required to produce excellent quality. Backed with technical fleece or shimmering silk, dyed with rare plants and coated against fire and water, the potential range of use is enormous: fashion, interiors and automotive.

Each cloth is unique and has the look of leather. Wouldn't you wear these Barktex comfy cozy shoes?: 


Barktex Lighting fixture showcasing its illumination effects and back-lit ability:


Textural wall panels in Hamburg bakery. Its mold-ability allows stretching around edges. 

Love how the Barktex is accented on the automotive wheel.  
Looks just like leather! 


My wheels are spinning as we speak!! Watch out for Bark Cloth's Barktex as it opens up new possibilities for Designers, Artists and Visionaries! 

(images from the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, Frankfurt Germany)

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