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Friday, November 9, 2012

Pleating in Design:Zaha Hadid's Eli and Edythe Broad Art Musuem

Eli and Edythe Broad Art Musuem , Michigan State University
(Photo by Paul Warchol)

One of my favorite woman architects is Zaha Hadid. She wowed me with her new Eli and Edythe Broad Art Musuem design, an amazingly steel-pleated building for the Michigan State University. I love everything about this design - its scale, its proportion, its exterior folding and geometric consistency, its open flow to showcase its contemporary art collection and how spaces explode with light due to its angled projections.  

Its due to open this weekend on 
Michigan State University's campus , November 10th! 

Take a virtural journey through its interior spaces:

(Video from youtube)

The strong pleating on the exterior of this building is so inspiring, I want to 

                                          1.                                                                          2.

                                          3.                                                                             4.

1. Philip Lim Pleated dress
2. Alice + Olivia Box Pleat Leath Skirt $470
3. Black Long Sleeve Zipper Embellished Pleated Dress $46 -
4. Dark Red Bowknot Pleats Woolen Dress $183 -
(Images Source)


Moon by Zero lighting (Source)

Designers Fredrik Färg and Emma Blanche from Zero show us Moon, with it beautiful folded reflex fabric. Zero lighting add, "the experience of Moon is as enchanting as the one in the sky: the light that surrounds it is reflected on the surface like the rays of the sun when they meet the moon. The effect is reminiscent of a captivating hologram. The viewer’s curiosity forms an interaction: you move around Moon like a satellite that registers whenever the light hits the surface, when the magic reaches its apogee."

Nendo's Cabbage Chair (Source)

Designers Nendo designed the Cabbage chair out of waster paper from the pleated paper textile industry. The chair literally sheds its skin.  Nendo adds, " the design is in response to fabrication, distribution costs and environmental concerns that face the  21st century man."

molo - softwalls (Source)

Architects and designers Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen of molo design demonstrate how flexible honeycomb paper partitions can redefine space. Like an accordian, their soft pleating walls spontaneously unfold giving people the freedom to re-shape their homes, their work spaces and retail environments. Learn more about their work in my Spotlight interview with Stephanie and Todd.

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  1. Very futuristic indeed! And, I loved your take on pleats from all angles.

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