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Monday, November 5, 2012

Mod Dollhouses

stylish, modern, unique
for little girls

Remember playing with your dollhouse? I do. Loved it - great imaginative play for hours and hours! 

Design team brinca dãda has created the coolest dollhouses I have seen in a long time..........." well crafted creations that parents love to look at----and kids love to play with."

All dollhouses are made out of CARB-certified wood and non-toxic and lead free paints.

One of my favorite design websites called FAB is also showcasing them. Click HERE!

Bennett House

The Bennett dollhouse design is influenced by the early 20th century De Stijl movement which emphasizes the geometry of the straight line, the square and the rectangle, combined with  asymmetricality. It kind of reminds me of the De Stijl side table by Eileen Gray. See pic below.

Eileen Gray Side Table (Source)

The Bennett dollhouse has grand glass windows that extends past floors to emphasize the thickness and structural component of its construction. Pretty cool! 

The design features a 2 story living room, elevator, rooftop pool and glass rail balconies in both the master bedroom and kids bedroom.

Zoe House
Love the Pink accents! Inspired by the architecture of Paul Rudolph and Tadao Ando, the Zoe House features a concrete and glass look. Design by architects Tim Boyle and Doug Rollins.

Edward House
The Edward house in inspired by the architecture of Neutra's Kaufmann House which features an open floor plan,  floor to ceiling windows, glass corners,exterior stone, and hardwood floors. See a pic of the Kauffman house below:

Kaufmann House (Source)

The Edward dollhouse design features a living room, master bedroom, bathroom and kids bedroom.

You gotta love all these adorable accessories too! How cute is that round rug?

Maison Collection

Masion Accessories

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