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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jane's Carousel is a Beacon of light

Jane's Carousel in Dumbo, Brooklyn

Finally at the end of a very difficult week, I find myself not wanting to write about design. I keep seeing pictures of the devastation and am feeling very, very grateful. Of course I complained about living without power for four days, no schools, no internet but we are all safe and sound. My heart really goes out to all the families who have experienced the floods, the evacuations and beach devastation....lower Manhattan, Dumbo, New Jersey, Fire Island, the Rockways.......

Above is a picture of Jane's Carousel, the restored historic Carousel from the 1920's encased in its glass pavilion by Jean Nouvel. I gasped when I saw this picture. My family loves to go to Dumbo and ride that carousel. We watched its restoration over the past 5 years. What amazed me the most is how the pavilion remained lit even thought it is submerged in the waters of the East River. It's truly a Beacon of light, of hope that we will overcome; we will come together and rebuild.

All be safe!


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