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Monday, March 4, 2013


(images taken at AD show 2012)

Dive into Peter Bynum's underworld....

His innovative paintings are mesmerizing! Organic forms with branching architecture, whether capillary or plant-life are surrounded by 360 degrees of light. Forms appear to float in between 6 to 10 layers of glass. Your eye moves through semi-opaque and transparent spaces.  The paintings are hooked up to dimmer switches so the viewer can change the intensity of the light and fully engage and experience the work. Would be a wonderful focal point to any room!

Seeing his illuminated paintings on glass is very exciting. Peter Bynum is showing some of his work at the Musuem of Arts and Design exhibition entitled "Playing with Fire" focusing on the American history of studio glass now showing thru September 2013.. 

Escape into his world:

Love the magnified look into his cellular structures.
More information about Peter Bynum can be 
found on his WEBSITE, and FACEBOOK

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