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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fiberous Sculptures

Looped Textile

OMG, I have never seen anything like this, so powerful and soft to the touch!!

Shown at Ralph Pucci International, New York City, fashion designer and fiber artist Dana Barnes presents her latest work, UNSPUN:Tangled and Fused.

Hanging from walls, creeping down columns and lying on the floor are over-scaled textile art pieces. These sculptural organic wonders are an amazing manipulation of unspun felted wool executed by knotting, twisting, looping, tangling, twisting and braiding. They look so heavy, how does she weave them, dye them and get them out of the washing machines? 

Pulling inspiration from ancient fisherman techniques and nature, she references thick crop fields, nobby aged oak trees and interlocked Spanish moss that you would see down South. Oh, I believe she is from Atlanta, makes sense! Though interestingly enough, her unique and innovative felting process was originally developed as a practical solution to NYC loft living inorder to muffle the pitter-patter of her young daughters' feet. Can relate to that!!

See examples of this incredible craft:

In Knots Fiber Wall

Shorn Knotted Floor Cozy

Tangled Ceiling Installation

Felted Column

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