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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Behind the Making of DIFFA's Dining by Design 2013 ENTRANCE

Every year at the Architectural Digest show in NYC there is always a magnificent entrance that transports you into the world of DIFFA’s (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) Dining by Design.  Last year's 2012 intricately cut entrance was designed by Razortooth Design and this past year's phenomenom was created by two talented design studios - Input Creative Studio + Clark Gaynor Interiors. Together they designed a multi-media abstracted mirrored experience. It was powerful....  filled with a matrix of 272 mirrored light bulbs which reflects participants as they enter the DIFFA event. The designers add, "The entrance represents the journey of an AIDS victim; illustrated metaphorically through the " light at the end of the tunnel" that DIFFA's efforts provide."  For me it was not only a portal; but also a place of pause.  As I stood there, I was not only faced with my own image multiplied on the underside of  stimulating tiny balls; but also reflecting on the cause and all those suffering with the AIDS disease. A beautiful and thoughtful provoking design!

Since the show, I have wanted to know more about the installation. I contacted Yiannos Vrousgos from Input Creative Studio and asked him if he would take us behind the scenes and share some of their sketches and design process...a video too. Take a peek below into the making...


Tell us, were there any challenges or obstacles you faced during the design process or installation? 

"There were a lot of challenges and obstacles building a high profile installation with 2 weeks notice! We had to think fast and come up with an idea that would have maximum impact, convey a message and all at a minimum budget. 

Once we settled upon a concept, we had to source over 1,000ft of red nylon cord and over 300 lightbulbs within 48 hours...the sales rep literally laughed when we told him how much we needed.  Then of course we had to sucessfully wire together 272 lightbulbs in a perfect arc. 

Next we needed to design and build a 12'-0" x 12'-0" modular wooden structure that could be put together, taken apart and then assembled again in less than a day.  This massive structure also needed to stand on its own, no structural support.

Overall, it was a fun and crazy design experience that was able to help a wonderful cause!"

Computer generated sketches:

Materials needed:
272 Mirrored Light-bulbs
1650ft. of Red Cord
276ft. of PVC Pipe
2 Gallons of Matte Finish Red Paint
4 Gallons of High Gloss Black Paint

The behind the scene video coverage of the installation...

The final result... its amazing!

Project: DIFFA's Dining by Design 2013 Entrance
Floor Graphics: Corse Design Factory
Lighting Consultant: Studio C Squared
Music: Jason Shaw - Get a Move On 

Yiannos, Thank you for sharing how it all came together!!

more notes.....

Right around the corner is DIFFA's Picnic by Design, a wonderful soiree on an urban rooftop in NYC. Purchase your tickets HERE and you will enjoy a picnic basket created by NYC design talent. Both Input Creative Studio and Clark Gaynor Interiors are participating!  MoD Design Guru too!

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