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Monday, July 1, 2013

Compelling Cardboard Design by Studio Caporaso

How can cardboard get so sexy? In response to a mobile and environmentally conscious world, architect and designer Giorgio Caporaso of Studio Caporaso created the Lessmore Ecodesign Collection where modularity and sustainability are the driving ideas. What is really unique is the collection's versatility. Watch cardboard transform...all made out of modules where you can disassemble and reassemble again to create all furniture types like bookshelves, room dividers, consoles, seating and tables with integrated lighting. 

The  More_Light modular system can be useful for multiple uses. Modules above are connected to create a cool transparent storage unit for display. Style it with books, clothes... whatever you can dream up.

The More collection also showcases customizable modules with the option to attach different colors and patterns. Good fun!

The Tappo cardboard console table can integrate lighting to create a nice ambient glow to any space. While speaking with Giorgio, he popped open the acrylic top and I was amazed how easy it was. He was using it to store all of his catalogs at the imm Cologne trade show.

I really loved the X2 cardboard chaise lounge. Not only a sophisticated look ;but also can covert into an upright chair. Love the opening in the back to store pillows. 

Meet Giorgio Caporaso as he shows the chairs versitility....

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