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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


While my time over in Cologne,  an undulation of sparkle caught my eye on one of the buildings in the city. Surprising as a majority of the buildings were built in the Bauhaus style: simple, clean cuts, white walls and no decorative elements.

(Bauhaus example in Cologne)

The vigorous shimmer was coming from the façade of a retail store called DOM.  I marveled that the skin of the building was composed of thousands of metal sequins that rippled in the wind.   I absolutely loved it and became obsessed with its sounds and pulsation. 

I had to get a closer look....

The kinetic effect  was dynamic and brought  the façade to life! I took some short movies on my iphone:



The inside was a place to discover too…. a selection of accessories, beauty, music, books, jewelry, gadgets, toys, furniture, home accessories, lighting and more....No pictures was allowed so check out their website.

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