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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

the ANGLE: Outdoor Rustic Modern Spaces attitude, a point of view, a design perspective from Anne, writing specialist for JHE's Log Furniture Place, one of the oldest and most trusted online providers of log beds and rustic furniture. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Provence collection, Restoration Hardware Outdoor
Although the idea of a rustic modern space or building is something that has been around for at least fifty years, it is only in the last decade or so that the trend really started picking up speed. The home improvement revolution brought about by giant home goods stores allowed house owners to experiment with the entire design of their home space.
The accepted design of a rustic modern space is one in which rustic furniture and installations reside within a very modern space. This design trend often shows up inside homes, but venturing outside to create an outdoor rustic modern space offers some terrific opportunities to connect a modern approach to decor with the rustic appeal of the outdoors.

Choosing the Colors
Provence collection, Restoration Hardware Outdoor
Inside the home, rustic modern spaces will often showcase neutral and warm colors on the walls, such as white and cream, but green is a prevalent color as well and will come out naturally in an outside design. When planning an outdoor space from the ground up, focusing on including colors like beige and cream for items like seat cushions will allow the space to retain its modern feel.
Allow Nature to Come Through
Corsica pillows, Restoration Hardware Outdoor
The designer of an exterior rustic modern space might have it easy in allowing nature to run its course through the area, but care must be taken to ensure the space isn't too modern and that nature isn't pushed to the edge too harshly. Finding some neutral floral or leafy patterns for the fabric on some of the pieces of furniture offers a touch of nature within the space itself.
Green Technology
Legrave collection, Restoration Hardware Outdoor
One of the perfect pairings of modernity and rustic appeal comes from using raw beams and furniture alongside green technology such as energy efficient  lighting, which may create a wonderful glow for an evening party.

Natural and Reclaimed Wood
Aspen collection, Restoration Hardware Outdoor

A popular choice in many different styles today, reclaimed wood furniture offers the perfect approach to rustic decor. Reclaimed wood furniture often showcases a beautifully lived-in appeal that welcomes visitors as if they're walking into a space that's been the same for a hundred years. Alternatively, rustic furniture made from sustainable woods will also offer a green-friendly appeal to the space.
Finishing the Furniture

Emmet collection, Room and Board
A rustic modern space will often have a number of kitschy pieces that look as though a tree trunk was re-purposed for direct use in a home without any modification, such as a table where the legs look like four small tree trunks. This extreme approach to rustic furniture isn't absolutely mandatory to create a proper rustic space, however. Darkly finished wood is a subtle way to enhance the refinement of the design.

Minit collection, Room and Board

As you can see, a rustic modern backyard or outdoor space is the perfect way for people who love nature yet enjoy modern conveniences to create a beautiful gathering space. Crating a rustic outdoor space is a wonderful way to allow the outdoors to connect organically with the home's decor, and create a healthy balance between modern civilization and nature.

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