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Monday, May 27, 2013


Enjoy my light series called Celebrating light #02, where you will discover novel innovations in lighting design and technology seen at ICFF, International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2013.

The beauty of light against wire is seen in designer Kalin Asenov's artful wire and wood creation. The light breaks through perfectly drilled holes. 

Artistic blown glass bubbles with metal, cotton and leather cording by Pelle Designs appears to float in the air. 24K gold is brushed in a painterly fashion against the glass. Stunning! 

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The Eos fixture by Vita Lighting is comprised of authentic bird feathers all strategically placed by hand. The bulb is hidden within this fluff and you experience a soft heavenly glow. 

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Tom Dixon celebrates the joy of contrasts - the opposites of rough and smooth. Inspired by the sculptural simplicity of brass cooking pots in India, his Beat Light Stout fixture draws you in. Brass is back with a delightful hammered finish! 

Now this was cool...Tom Dixon's GIANT laser cut metal light fixture hung over its Trulab machinery, the equipment that fabricates its light's metal construction.  You can peek in and witness fabrication hands on. 

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Nice to see Mooi again since my trip to imm cologne. Designed by Bertjam Pot, Mooi showcased the Heracleum II chandelier inspired by the Heracleum plant. Low voltage LED's illuminate through its conductive leaf-like structure.

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