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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

today's ANGLE: Nashville's FINEST Farmers Market attitude, a point of view, a design perspective from Interior designer Kim Salter, creative author of her fantastic blog Design Thoughts, one designer's thoughts on balancing Mama, Money and her love for All things Design!
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Today's city slant:


Take it away, Kim!

Today I am giving you my angle on Nashville's FINEST Farmers Market!!! 
Such a great feeling when you buy fresh, right??

A few weeks ago, we ventured out on a beautiful day to check out the Farmers market!! We were told it one of the best, and it did NOT disappoint.  We became avid farmers Market go'ers while in New York, especially when I worked right down in the Flatiron district, just 2 block away form the Union Square Market..I use to go there for lunch, all fresh food all the time...ahhhh...I loved those days, but I don't miss them, and I am so super excited to find out that Nashville has a Farmers Market that is open 7 Days a week!!

I love the fresh crisp color of veggies!! They always make for beautiful photos!! Nothing quite like a farmers market to help ease into your new community!! I love shopping local!! Do you have a farmers Market where you are at??


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