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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Enjoy my light series called Celebrating light #03, where you will discover novel innovations in lighting design and technology seen at ICFF, International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2013.

Sleek geometric modular light fixture by Gabriel Scott called Welles. I love the contrast of black and copper from exterior to interior. Comes in brass and nickel too. The fixture can stand alone or grow into an enormous chandelier.

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The NUD lighting collection features dangling textile cords with vibrant colors, cool patterns and playful sockets. 

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The capsule shaped light fixture by Assembly design has some really cool features. Besides the peekaboo lighting effect through the hand-blown glass, the Right Lamp features a touch technology with on, off and dimming options. 


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Within the JOBY collection, Industrial designer Peter Stathis was showing his new impressive prototype light fixture called the Trapeze LED Table Light. Very skeletal looking fixture with joints that rotate like butter. The thin flat LED panel is designed with 102 LEDs inside to prevent glare.  Perfect fixture for the modern office offered in 6 different colors.

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