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Friday, August 5, 2011

Nook space becomes Home Mini-Bar

Hey MDG,
Inside my home there is a 7'-0" wide x 2'-4" deep x 7'-11" high nook where I want to build a low storage unit that houses an undercounter refrigerator, wine bottles, liquer and glasses. Any tips?
Thanks,Scott from Florida

A Home Mini-Bar for your nook sounds like a great idea! I love the idea of having a space where you can entertain friends. But lets put an edgy spin on it. I took a look at your space and thought it would be nice to take advantage of the 7'-11" height instead of just building a low cabinet.

Frame the nook with 2" piece of paint grade wood all the way around. The lower section can be more functional with your undercounter refrigerator and storage. The upper portion can be more decorative by showcasing your liquer, wine and glasses inside a geometric pattern of niches.

To keep cost down, purchase paint grade wood and paint the large 2" wood frame a steel gray color. Then paint the inside of the niches, a dark blue. The rest of the wood can be painted a light gray. To get a more modern edge, incorporate frosted glass on the back of the niches and backlight them, baby! You will have to run electrical to (2) Bartco linear fluorescent tubes that will be hidden in the back of your storage unit. Make sure you leave room to access the lights for when they blow out.. If you want to add color to the lights, add a tube guard over the light fixture. They come in many colors and you can get a 'bar' effect right in your own home!!

Cheers to you!

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