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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Alternatives to Granite

Hey MDG,
I am going to renovate my kitchen and I would like to find a countertop alternative to granite. Any suggestions?

Hi Jen,
Oh goodie, I too am over Granite! If you are going with a clean contemporary look, then I recommend  White glassos or Soapstone.
Glassos Crystal white is a pure crystallized glass which looks like Thassos white marble, which by the way is a horrible stone since it stains if not sealed properly. Glassos is made from a sophisticated technique of sintering crystals and minerals under high temperature. I digg it because it has a beautiful modern looking luster, is non-porous, doesnt stain or scratch, and doesnt require sealing. It is my top choice for a kitchen countertop or vanity tops.

Soapstone is also a very interesting material. It is a natural stone that is both durable and requires minimal maintenance. Get this, it is virtually heat proof. You can put a hot pot right on the stone. Did you know that soapstone is used to create pizza stones and is used insides of pots? How ideal is that for a kitchen countertop? Additionally, the only maintenance required for soapstone is mineral oil. The oil enhances the darkening process the stone goes thru. Overtime, the stone changes from a charcoal gray to black and sometimes a hint of green remains. How humorous, your friends will ask you if you keep changing the counter? Unlike Glassos, soapstone can scratch but you can sand it out or hide the scratches with an application of mineral oil.
Send me pictures of your installation! Cheers, M

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