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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Visual Sizzle: Outdoor Firepit

Hey MDG,
I am going to renovate my outdoor space. Do you have any firepit suggestions?

Hi Sandy,

A firepit is a wonderful way to create an outdoor living space for sharing, entertaining a group of friends and enjoying life! Some firepits require gas or propane and others burn just from good ol' wood. S'mores anyone?

Here are some of my firepit favorites:

The Big Bowl O' Zen Sculptural Firbowl is a custom work of art by John T Unger Studio. Love it! It can be used for clean burning propane/natural gas or wood fires.  Its hemispherical lines are perfectly constructed giving a serene, classical yet contemporary statement. It is made up of 100% recycled american steel and has a hidden base. (See pic below)

Clean lines, an organic shape showcases the Modfire! It can burn wood or has several burning fuel options (propane or natural gas). Crafted by hand in their Arizona steel studio, Modfire comes in many dazzling bright colors and can be a fun focal point to any backyard space! (See pic below)

The innovative italian based has come out with some really cool outdoor contemporary woodburning fireplaces inspired by industrialized craftmanship. One is called Zen and the other is called Zero. Both firepits encourage relaxtion and a communal feel. Zen is a sculpted circular steel pit made of 1/4" thick carbon steel with a rusted finish. It is constructed out of bands and the moat in-between the bands can be filled with gravel, lava stones or sand. It can be above or sunken into the ground. (See pic below)

Zero by Ak47space also has a contemporary round shape where wood can be visibly stored around the combustion chamber. It is functional and artful. (See pic below)

If you are looking for a custom firepit look, you can purchase your own kit and face it with any stone of your choice. Flame creation offers prefabricated stainless steel fire pit trough burners that outputs 100,000 Btu/hr. The burner assembly and frame pan requires a stainless steel flexible gas line and an electrician will have to supply a 110v power on and off switch.  There are various sizes ( 24",36",48" )and different fire accessories such as lava rock, fire glass, and boulders. (See pic below)

Solusdecor offers concrete outdoor firepits. Two of my favorites are the Halo fire pit and the Firebowl Hemi. The Halo firepit is a sculptural floating slab that invites warmth and gathering. It is powerd by an approved 40,000 Btu/hr natural gas or propane burner that is lit manually and key valve operated.  (See pic below)

The Firebowl Hemi by Solus decor is a 36" hemispherical firepit available with an outdoor natural gas or propane burner that produces a 75,000 Btu/hr flame. (See pic below)

There are lots of modern takes on the outdoor fireplace. Enjoy the warmth and relaxation!


  1. Bill from BaltimoreJuly 17, 2011 at 3:16 PM

    Hey M,
    What are some modern deck design ideas you can suggest?
    Reagrds, Bill from Baltimore

  2. Hey M,
    I purchased discontinued porcelain tiles and used them on my kitchen floor. To my surprise some of the tiles have been cracking. Why would new tiles crack? Now I need to replace the cracked tiles and I am unable to purchase new ones since they were discontinued. What do I do?


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