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Monday, September 24, 2012

Guest Post: Using Art Deco to Bring Your Room Blah to Hip

Today's Guest post is by Janet Wilson who is a freelance writer and web enthusiast. Janet also loves all things design and home improvement related. She is Chief Editor for an online resource focused on helping people with their remodeling projects. She received her Bachelor's Degree in June of 2005. Janet spends what little free time she has hanging out with her husband, girls and dogs Moxy, Scrappy and Dink.

Using Art Deco to Bring Your Room Blah to Hip

So you’ve tried to convince yourself that “blah” room doesn’t matter each time you pass through it. The truth is that it is time to stop living in denial and start making a change. Art deco is a classic style that has popular for years. In fact, this design style was first used in Paris all the way back in the 1920s.
Lots of geometrics, zig zags and clean lines and the color options focus on mainly black or metallics such as chrome, silver and similar shiny materials.

Art deco also uses a lot of glass, mirrors, chrome and materials made by man so keep this in mind when making your style and design choices. New York City's beloved Chrysler building is a classic Art Deco architectural landmark constructed out of stainless steel.


For now, let’s focus on a few ideas to help add art deco to your room to transform it from blah to hip. Continued popularity means that you can find plenty of ways to add this look to your home, apartment or even the outdoors. From pavers for your patio to tiles for your bathroom, you can find art deco for every area of your living space. So even if you are adding something that is not technically art deco, if it follows these guidelines it should enhance the art deco style you are trying to create:

-You can find vintage pieces or retro recreations that look spectacular but may not be as fun to find. Of course the price tag attached to many of the antique original art deco pieces may require you to find newer versions, but they will still add so much to your look. If possible mix the old and new and your look will feel authentic.

-Look for metallic items that will really add a splash such as dramatic tables or accents such as vases. Even using fabrics that include metallic shades is a great way to make your throw pillows or curtains help add to the allure.

-The furniture choices are important for creating the ultimate in art deco style. Think sleek and modern looking. This also means comfortable and not overly stuffy or uninviting. The more modern the furniture paired with the other details and accent, the more dramatic the overall look will be.

-The look is about being minimalist, and this includes colors so keep these to a minimum. A splash is good, but you should stick to maybe one or two to include with the black, chrome and metallic.

-For those who want to warm up the chilled sleek look of art deco a bit, consider replacing the metallic with pearl. You could also consider a brushed metal finish to soften it or a black lacquer to make the black not so flat.

Make sure you are truly using geometric shapes with anything you can. From the shape of your furniture to the shape of the accent mirror, it’s all about geometry. You can try to change your room all at once or make smaller changes as you go. Either way, you will love the finished art deco look!


Thanks Janet for the great post!

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