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Saturday, September 15, 2012

New York Fashion Week - Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2013 with Brizo

Going to the Jason Wu 2013 Spring/Summer Fashion show was a part of the Brizo Fashion Week event. Since 2006, Brizo sponsored the talented fashion designer. How lucky was I to not only be invited to the Jason Wu runway show; but also to sit in front of Jason Wu at his after-party at the MPE Penthouse, while viewing his runway collection for the very first time on screen!!

MPE Penthouse -Brizo After-party with Jason Wu (Photo credit: Jayme Thornton)

Jason Wu was very witty while answering questions and told us what inspired his collection!! He  took his cue from different perceptions of women seen in the photographic styles of Lillian Bassman and Helmut Newton. 

Lillian Bassman's work is known for its sensuality and romanticism. Her elegant  women are shrouded in shimmering light with shadow effects, using digital technology later in her career. See some images below:

Lillian Bassman images (Source)

While Helmut Newton's sleekly dressed women discharge an erotic feeling. See some images below:

Helmut Newton images (Source)

Jason's love for the past is evident in all he does and he is brilliant at translating it in a new, and modern way. Even the fashion runway winked to the architecture of Chateau de Versailles -  see the play of mirrors and painted black and white diamond checkered floor.  

Robert Polidori's photography of the Chateau de Versaille (Source) and Jason Wu's Runway 

With these over scaled mirrors behind his models, Jason Wu's showcased a powerful woman. His show was structured and edgy and filled with lace, leather corsetry and leather straps with some points of femininity such as bold fushsia, printed flowers and laser cut lace. At the end of the show, all the models stood in formation like they were ready to conquer a war. It was bone chilling.

See the video coverage:

Here are some of my faves from the show:
Jason Wu 2013 Spring/Summer Collection (Photo credit: Jayme Thornton)
Here are some of the hair looks:
(Photo credit: Jayme Thornton)
The After Party

Brizo Marketing and Product team with Jason Wu. (photo credit: Jayme Thornton)
Missing from the pic: Celine Kwok and Seth Fritz)
Blogger 19 at Brizo After-Party with Jason Wu
Me, Laurie Gorelick, Rebecca Reynolds, and Jennifer Mehditash
Jason Wu
Jason Wu
One of the many delicious apps!

Me and Christiana Schaefer (MSL Chicago)

Me and Kristen Baum (Brizo Product Marketing manager)

Pamela Copeman and me
Judd Lord (Brizo Principal of Industrial Design), me and Tyler Wisler (Friend & Brizo alumni)
Me and my hubby, Cory - no one greater to share this amazing event with!
After spending time with the Brizo luxury faucet team, I truly understand why they chose Jason Wu to partner with them. Jason says it best, 
"Fashion isn't just about the clothes. It's a Lifestyle." 
Thank you Brizo for a fabulous experience of a lifetime!

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