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Friday, September 28, 2012

Zamzee - go more, get more!

What does it take to get your kids moving more? 

I will tell you, the Zamzee meter and online experience! 

Zamzee meter

I met the friendly Zamzee team at a conference in New York City. They sent me home with the Zamzee meter to test it out. To my surprise, it became my 8 year old's obsession. As soon as she gets home from school, she wants to plug-in the Zamzee to see if she has earned Pointz!  

Rylie earning Pointz on her Zamzee

It has the feel of a video game with the ability to earn Pointz for the amount of physical activity you do. The more you move, the more Pointz you get! Via challenges, Pointz can turn into Zamz which is like money - used to purchase stuff in the Zamzee Shop like toys, apps, Zamzee gear,etc. What kid doesn't want to shop and get more stuff?  Brilliant thinking, Zamzee!

Zamzee challenge screen

My daughter especially loves doing the challenges to earn more Zamz! The story lines are witty and clever. You can earn major Zamz, sometimes earning double or triple Zamz, which ultimately creates huge incentives to move! 

Zamzee Space Challenge

Rylie did the space challenge where her oxygen supply ran out and her co-pilot disappeared. She had 5 minutes to fix her ship and escape the forces of her space opponent. She hula hooped until her mission was complete earning 45 pointz! She was psyched to accomplish her mission! (See pic above) 

The Zamzee team shared some positive news with me that was released this past Monday. "Hope Lab and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundations conducted a vigorous scientific study on Zamzee amongst middle school children. They found that Zamzee got kids moving almost 60% more than a control group, which is an extra 45 minutes of physical activity each week. That's like doing nonstop push-ups for 45 minutes every week. Really!" 

Zamzee's motto is 'go more, get more!' Their message is right on! Having played around with it myself, I really like the Zamzee meter and highly recommend it! Besides getting children to move in a fun way,  it's child friendly, promotes creative thinking and builds confidence! 

Go Zamzee! You're product is inspiring!

To connect and learn more, 

click on their Website, Facebook and Twitter!

Zamzee is offering a 25% off discount code "LUVZZ2012" 
to get your very own Zamzee meter!! 

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  1. Great product review, Michele! We love the picture of Rylie hula-hooping! If your readers would like to try Zamzee themselves, they should know that the code "LUVZZ2012" will release a 25% discount on Go More, Get More!


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