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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brizo and Blogger 19: Fashion for the Home

Brizo, a faucet brand that dreams…..

realizes their dreams….

and transforms spaces into fashion statements!
Brizo believes that there is a style for every style and sculptural form for every function, just like fashion. Fashion is a way to expresses oneself and this idea extends into your home...'Fashion for the Home!' Some fashionistas would not consider a faucet to be sexy, but Brizo has established an unique brand position that reignites passion and desire for a product to be as chic as a fashion make a statement. 

I know I will never look at a faucet the same way again!  Brizo's innovative thinking is like a cosmic wave that rumbles through the design community. They share their excitement and passion with interior designers and architects, who in turn share their excitement with their clients and readers to desire an innovative new faucet for their home!

Brizo's Think-tank:

Brizo Marketing and Product Teams at  Jason Wu's After-Party    (Photo credit: Jayme Thornton)
Missing: Celine Kwok (Industrial Designer) and Seth Fritz (Lead Industrial Designer)

Innovation in Design

During Fashion week, Brizo hosts 19 design influencers called the Blogger19 to participate in an all expenses-paid three day and night design-focused event that exposes designers to the Brizo brand, design process and product marketing and development.  It was an incredible honor and a lifetime opportunity to be chosen as one of the 19 designers! Not only did I meet the inspiring, and engaging Brizo team; but also, had the opportunity to be amidst 18 other incredible designers. 

The Blogger19:

The Blogger 19 at Jason Wu's after-party  (Photo credit: Jayme Thornton) 

Michele Alfano - Mod Design Guru

Pamela Copeman - Pamela Copeman Design Group
Edyta Czajkowska - Edyta & Co Interior Design
Christy Davis - Vining Design Associates
Manvi Drona Hidalgo - Mochantini
Sandy Espinet -  Sandy Espinet
Laurie Gorelick - Laurie Gorelick Interiors
Denise McGaha - Denise McGaha Interiors
Jennifer Mehditash - Mehditash Design
Lisa Mende - Lisa Mende Designs
Stacy Naquin - Stacy Naquin Interiors
Whitney Porter - Ferguson
Courtney PriceCourtney Price Design 
Jennifer ReynoldsJennifer Reynolds Interiors
Rebecca Reynolds - New Canaan Kitchens
Lakesha RoseL Design Group
Traci ZellerTraci Zeller Designs

Brizo Trendspotting/Product Development
A highlight for me was the working sessions. We got a very detailed glimpse into their design process, market trends & research and innovative engineering and development. They identify the style continuum and design trends from year to year and plan the design, shape, aesthetics and technologies years in advance having to pass through several gates before we even see their faucets on the shelves. 18 months to be exact!

Kristen Baum, Seth Fritz and me, Welcome Reception
Love the Wood tie by Wood Thumb!
Seeing a video of their headquarters, where all the magic happens was very interesting! At the welcome reception, I spoke in depth with Seth Fritz (Lead Industrial Designer ) and Kristen Baum (Product Marketing Manager) about their collaborative environment; moving parts, and moving carts where each team whether design, engineering, market or administrative works together as a cohesive whole, striving to bring their innovative visions into reality!

Brian Nobbe (Marketing director), Laura Brooks (Senior Brand manager), Judd Lord (Principal of Industrial Design) and Mandy Ellington (Product Marketing Manager) talking about product, market and design research.

Open your eyes..Open your mind.. Follow your Inspiration

Brizo's design team finds inspiration from their experiences and from the world around them......from art, to culture to fashion to architecture. They think-outside-of-the-box and create highly cutting edge technology that pairs with each design! 

Judd Lord, Principal of Design took us behind the designs and the inspiration genesis. Here are just a few:

The Venuto handle design was inspired by Japenese hair sticks that Judd had spotted several women wear at a Japenese restaurant in Milan! 

Vesi Channel
The Vesi channel was inspired by a vacation Judd took up in Minnesota. He became fascinated with the flow of water in a stream after it rained. It created many waterfalls with pinch points areas that caused water to fold on itself. The walls of the Vesi channel simulates this water affect. 

Jason Wu for Brizo. Sketch by Seth Fritz, Lead Industrial Designer

When Jason Wu collaborated with Brizo, all he wanted was a black faucet...a silhouette of fluidity in motion..." the little black dress."  

Inventive Technology
Brizo is concerned about the homeowner's experience. They study and research how people actually use kitchen and bath products at home and respond with technologies that will enhance one's experience while bathing, showering or cooking. 

Here are a few of the technologies that prove their commitment to foward thinking in the kitchen and bath. The technology is easy to install and battery operated.

SmartTouch Technology:
Allows you to activate water flow with a simple touch to the faucet body, spout or handle. The touch-sensitive faucet can keep water at a constant temperature and pressure from use to use. This operation makes it easy to activate the water flow when needed and promotes safe food handling and efficiency of motion during prep work and clean up. See the Video:

Hands Free Technologyoffers hands free operation allowing you to activate and turn off water flow without touching the faucet - promoting safer food handling, less water consumption and greater efficiency in the kitchen and bath.
MagneDock Technology: This technology is a magnetic docking system that securely holds the spray wand in place when not in use.The durable magnets are made to last forever.  H20 Kinetic Technology: this  techniology has re-invented the showering experience - it controls water's shape, velocity and thermal dynamics. It creates a more luxurious high-flow spray with a fraction of the water.  Besides smart, this company is caring! They are the first national sponsor of the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Dream Home Giveaway! They have already donated faucets to 66 of the homes constructed across America, helping raise nearly $47 million. To learn more about Brizo, click here.
Thank you Brizo for an amazing lifetime experience that inspires! You are unbelievable hosts! From the beautiful Eventi hotel, delicious meals and cocktails, to the informative design-focused sessions and magical Jason Wu fashion show and after-party!.... I loved every moment!!!

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