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Sunday, September 30, 2012

DUMBO Arts Festival 2012

Going down to the Dumbo Arts festival has been a tradition for my family for for about eight years now. We LOVE DUMBO! We have seen Dumbo dramatically explode on the scene from a hidden treasure to an abundance of creative shops, interesting galleries, great restaurants abound. The festival spans the neighborhood of DUMBO, Brooklyn between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, including the waterfront. The festival is energized with talented artists of every discipline - painting, sculpture, phototography, and multi-media, who open their doors and let people peek into their creative worlds.

Here is a peek of some of the talent:

King DUMBO, Lilka HaraGiant Gorilla made of discarded plastic bottles and bags


Loved these collars that can you can dress up a casual outfit!

VOZ,change through beauty, Jasmine Aarons

Loved all the texture and the idea of tanslating rich indigenous 
craft into contemporary styles!

for luxury sustainable fashion

WELL, Chul-Hyan Ahn

The effect of this construction of concrete, lights and mirrors is incredible!

Time Colossus: A Repitition in Laminated Love, Cat Celebezze

This three dimensional photographic assemblage of the Brooklyn Bridge
was mesmerizing! 

Next time You see me, It won't be Me, Alejandro Almanza Pereda
and Jose Luis Cortes-Santander

Working with the transformation of matter.
Found objects spell Magician, Artist, Think

Maya Malioutina

Maya Malioutina

Maya Malioutina
Maya Malioutina's work uncovers the mystery behind and within textured surfaces. Love it!

Hongjunk Park

Hongjunk Park

Hongjunk Park artistry is very unique! She studies the interaction between liquid and paint. Tubes filled with clear colorful liquid superimpose painted landscapes of nature. 

Cris Perry

Cris Perry

Cris Perry's transformations of paper is unbelievable! Innovative works of art!

We ended our day at Jane's Carousel, an amazing restored historic Carousel from 1922 magically set alongside the East River. 

These are just a few of the MANY talented artists down in DUMBO! 
Catch it next year!

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