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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Designer Spotlight Sunday: Interior Designer Tyler Wisler


What is life like now for artsy, interior designer Tyler Wisler after Season Six HGTV Design Star? On the show Tyler showcased his attention for detail, great architectural style, and an innovative mixture of color, pattern, and texture. Tyler’s experience on Design Star only reinforced his need to be a design enabler. He wants to empower clients to embrace creative possibilities and steer them in the right direction. Tyler believes that everyone has the right to be happy and proud of their home. He recognizes that great design should be approachable and wants to spread the word. This trendsetting skill was recognized by OpenSky, an online shopping destination that allows members to design their ideal shopping experience curated by celebs and experts in fashion, food and home design. Now as one of their celeb curators, you can connect with Tyler and discover his top style picks and personal recommendations. So, check it out! His cool Edison light bulb pick has already sold out! My fave is his repurposed bottle lanterns. So chic! He loves sharing cool things when it’s “rocking out interiors.”

This past November, I was very fortunate to meet Tyler at the OpenSky gallery opening celebration in Soho, N.Y.C. Wow, he is extremely down to earth and an all-around great guy! He oozes confidence that you just want to surround yourself with! How exciting to snap him up for an interview!! So, lets kick-ff the New Year with the talented, interior designer Tyler Wisler. Learn more about his design philosophy, inspirations,his favorite materials and places to shop in N.Y.C. !

Tell us about your design philosophy of making ‘design approachable, almost unintentional and utterly uh-mazing.’ How does it translate into the rooms you create?

Well I just feel the most successful rooms are ones that don't look forced, or "designed". You should walk into spaces and have them feel good, or spark an emotion. Interiors should encompass all our senses, touch, smell, sound... Walking into a space where you feel comfortable about sitting down on the sofa, and not like you're in a museum with velvet ropes everywhere preventing you from touching is just something that appeals to me as a designer. I like to use fabrics that are textural and many times have interesting weaves, but always comfy. I like mixing new and old, soft and hard, but most importantly the client's own personality. I mean at the end of the day, I'm not living there, it's the client, so their voice better be heard.


You have a savvy fashion sense and personal style. Has your passion for fashion in any way influenced the detailing in your interior designs?
That's very kind of you to say, I just love ALL the creative arts out there, and fashion happens to be a big influence. The funny thing though is that Interiors are not as trend oriented as fashion is... Fashion has a much quicker evolution and shorter shelf life, where in Interiors, I think we trend things out in about 5 year increments. People aren't looking to change out their sofa every Spring and Fall like our cut of jeans. People need a bit of longevity within their interiors as more money is being spent per item. I can't honestly say though that I'm not tempted to spec out a "Tango Tangerine" sofa just because I think it would be amazing, but it would get tired very quickly... I think accessories are where you put in the trends... I think at the end of the day the fashion influence comes through with the finessing of the finished design, and I'm probably not even really conscious of it, but I know it's there somewhere...

Congratulations on becoming an Opensky curator. You rock! What inspired your selections for Opensky?
Thank you! I'm so excited and overwhelmed with the fact that I am a part of the OpenSky project and how well it has been received... I'm in such extraordinary company with the other curators, it's quite intimidating for me to "keep up" if you will. I've basically been trying to curate things that make me happy, things that I use everyday, or get constant compliments on... The beauty of OpenSky is it's really like lifestyle branding and what we as individual curators find interesting and chic... Just wait and see! I've got so so many products I wish I could just roll out all at once, but you know that can't happen... There are some really awesome looking products that actually do something for you... I believe that things shouldn't only be beautiful, but useful... Especially in this economic climate, people are looking for use, not just pretty... I'm hopefully accomplishing both "use" and "pretty" with my collection!
What are your favorite design “materials” and why?

I do like using materials that are innovative, like the recycled glass slabs, but also materials that are just simple... I love using wood and seeing the wood in it's rawest state. I also love very industrial looking things, so furniture that shows off what it's all about, and how it was put together... Resalvaged wood, sitting on an old metal frame from a train cart to make a cocktail table is perfection in my book.
Can you share some of your favorite places to find cool lighting and furniture in N.Y.C.?

Cool lighting and furniture in NYC... Huh... This probably sounds like a designer cop out, but I think that ABC Carpet and Home has got so many wonderful vendors in their now, that it is an amazing source for everyone. I do like the lighting offerings from Interiuers, Ralph Pucci and Hudson Furniture, if you've got the budget to spend a little more... As for furniture finds I always gravitate towards mixing in the Classics from Knoll, but then also find such inspiration in perusing the collections from Holly Hunt, Dennis Miller Associates and Profiles, just to name a few... Then to finish off the spaces, you gotta have a chic assortment of accessories to really give it some flavor, and Robert Kuo, Chista and Tucker Robbins are always on the list.

What can we expect to see next from Tyler Wisler?

All I can say is that really awesome things should be coming! I'm a really positive but realistic person, and I know that great things are in my future, but I need to be patient and wait for the universe to say it's time... I think the course of this past year has already proven that the trajectory is heading towards the stars, and I'm ready for when it happens!
Leaving Jason Wu Fashion show with Design Star Emily Henderson

Thank you Tyler for a fanatstic interview! You Rock!

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