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Friday, January 13, 2012

Free Advice Friday: gapping in Engineered wood

Hey MDG,
Why are the joints in my engineered wood floor expanding? Is it a mositure issue and what do I do?

No no no, this is surprising! From my experience, Engineered hardwood flooring is a moisture-resistant wood hybrid unlike our solid wood friend who has the tendency to distort in the presence of moisture. Love, love Solid wood hardwood, dont get me wrong but Engineered wood is the best choice for flooring that can be put just about anywhere because its more resistant to changes from the elements. For example, you would only want to use Engineered wood ontop of radiant flooring otherwise your planks will cupp. My guess is that your contractor improperly installed your subfloor and probably did not give the wood enough time to acclimate to the humidity in your house. I would have your contractor take some boards out and check the subflooring. He is ultimaltely responisble to correct this issue.
Hope this helps,

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