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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Informing Experience Design

What is the true power of architecture and interior design? To surround? To engage? To guide users thru space?  Yes, but it should be a lot more. It should be an experience, an architecture that interacts, and connects its user to space thru movement and all of one’s senses. As an architect and designer myself, I want to design experiences: moments where emotion, contemplation, learning and memory is addressed.  This narrative created between the occupant and the building allows its user to transform into a participant, where he/she is open to receive architectural cues and be inspired in some way. The participant’s needs are visualized through one’s senses. This kind of design is influential and needs further exploration because it has the capacity to teach, to dream and promote a positive difference in someone’s life.

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Furthermore, I would like to share a great example of Experiential design. The video below shows how Philips design has been studying the idea of transformative spaces with the change of form, light and wind. A conceptual architectural product called Metamorphosis Shimmer shows a kinetic architecture that grows, expands and contracts.  Philips group says,” Shimmer is an architectural product concept designed to facilitate well-being through surprise, movement, natural noise management, air movement and natural light dispersion. The stripes are based on flexible elements that emit natural light and channel air. They can transform to change the interior characteristics of a space in response to people and the atmospheric/lighting conditions outside.”

Philips Design SHIMMER VIDEO
(The attached VIDEO starts off with the Shimmer product I am discussing and follows with other conceptual projects)

Amazing, right?
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