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Sunday, August 18, 2013

SEE eyewear: like wearing ART

Where did I find my eyewear mojo...? Well, It all started at Super Saturday in the Hamptons...I came across SEE eyewear....HIP frames that make a statement. If you are wearing SEE eyewear, then you know it is special. Cool lines, unique shapes and stunning colors...all at affordable prices. They had great deals at Super I snapped up my frames and proceeded to have the prescription filled at their Soho location! 

In Soho, I learned that SEE handpicks the most innovative frame makers from around the world and curates only a few pairs of each unique style. The founder goes all over... Belgium, Austria, Spain and Germany. Frames are original for you...How special is that, mass production is not a part of their vocabulary! 

Going to the store is a nice experience as well. The interior of the store is bright and chic too with whimsical pictures and messages abound, kinda like a museum for glasses. All the walls are white and the frames become the ART! 

Adam, the manager/owner of the store told me that I am the first in NYC to wear my frame style... take a peek.

What do you think? Is it MoD?

More pics from the store...

An awesome selection of frames for kids too...

All types of readers, glasses, sunglasses, they got it! 
A bunch of celebs shop there too but they will remain nameless...

Let get some ART on.... I had to play a bit while I was there! 

1) Model #1208
2) Model #2182
3) Model #7737
4) Model #7109
 5) Model # 6706
 6) Model # 1624

I have to add that the staff is uber friendly and helpful and put up with me!! 

Eyewear has really become a hot trend and a fun accessory to have. Pair glasses with a different outfit..why not! And SEE's prices are not ridiculous and they keep to their motto, " Hip without the Rip."

Knockout Eyewear!

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