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Friday, September 30, 2011

Repurposed Cement Factory

My design eye leans towards objects and architectural spaces that have been given a new life in unexpected ways…re-invented. Last blog post, I introduced this notion as Boudustrial, the collision of Boutique and Industry. HeyMdesign is interested in promoting the ideas of creative reuse and repurposing of existing buildings and home design and will track innovative design that uses sustainable materials and technology that considers the user and the experience.  

FAVE of the week:

My Boudustrial series kicks off with the most impressive adaptive reuse project I have ever heard of in Barcelona, Spain called the Cement Factory. Architect Ricardo Bofill imagined the conversion of an abandoned turn of the century cement factory into his architectural offices, exhibition space and personal apartment with guest rooms and extensive gardens. I wish I could have been one of the arquitectos on this project or atleast a guest. Can I, Mr. Bofill? The two year renovation ingeniously sculpted out extensives spaces by demolishing parts of the industrial silos, gigantic engine rooms and by exposing other hidden elements within its thick concrete walls. For example, see how his offices exposed and retained the industrial silo accents. Framed in such a way that they are art unto themselves. See pics below:

I love the the lofty interiors with its high ceilings, sleek contemporary furniture and moderate decorative elements. See pics below:

How magnificent the curve of the vertical silos form a sculptural backdrop to this concert and cultural activity hall! I can hear the resounding sound of music! See pic below:

Thru the interiors you can glimpse into the luscious gardens of eucalyptus,olive and cypress trees. See pics below:

I would love to sit in that garden and sip some sangria with Mr.Bofill. He is my hero! This is an inspiring transformation!

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