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Friday, September 23, 2011

Are you a Boudustrialist?

Marcel Duchamp's Bicycle Wheel
I am passionate about Architecture and have respect for design that can be experienced, and bring global awareness. See past FAVEs of the week. (Green concrete, Floating homes, and Waste Landscape blogs)

Relative to interior design, furniture and lighting, I am inspired by all things crafted with an attention to detail.. I get excited when traditional materials such as wood and metals are merged and used in unexpected

Like Marcel Duchamp's 20th century Bicycle Wheel, he challenged assumptions about what constitues a work of art. By simply taking a prefabricated bicycle wheel and attaching it to a pedestal, he subverts the established notion of the artist's craft and the viewers experience.

Can we apply this notion into 21st century interior and architectural design?   Yes, and I call this movement Boudustrial: the collision of boutique and industry.  In future weeks, I plan to investigate how traditional materials such as wood and metal can be used in a refreshing, whimsical and unique ways.

 SUBMISSIONS for The Boudustrial Series:
Calling all furniture, lighting, industrial, interior and architectural designers: would you like to submit your products and/or projects that are contemporary with an industrial and whimsical edge? I plan to share your designs on my blog as part of my Boudustrial series.

Send Hey M design:

-Your image (s) as high resolution JPEG files
-Description of your product or project with a link to your blog or website
-Send your images to . ( Upload them to a drop box if the file is large)

Look foward!

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