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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fantastico Museo in Galicia,Spain

My FAVE of the week:

I really love the postmodernist artist Richard Serra who takes into account the viewers reaction as they approach and move through his structures. I remember walking thru his massive Corten Torqued ellipses feeling off kilter by the asymmetry and awe inspired!! So, I was extremely excited when I came across a new project in Galicia, Spain that seems so Serra-esque. But what is it? Is this a park or a musuem or both?

Nieto Sobejano Arquiectos envisioned it to be both, a musuem-park. Built outside the city of Galicia, these beautiful looking Corten steel silos engage the landscape and form Spain's Museo Interactivo de la Historia de Lugo.

A cluster of small and large cylinders define above and below ground spaces and illuminates at night thru an exoskeleton of Corten mesh.

Take a look at the color of the steel juxtaposed against the landscape. Its perfecto! I will have to go check out this musuem-visitor center on my next travels to Spain.


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