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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Is Today's Design more Gender-Neutral minded?

In today's culture we are starting to move away from stereotyping and this shift is starting to explode in design. I have always been interested in the application of male and female features across architecture and design. Mostly the masculine - luxe mix, if I were to label it. But recently, an “aha” moment happened.  I realized that the type of design that I am really drawn to and execute as a professional is a design without stereotypes, a more gender-neutral design: a cross pollination of masculine and feminine traits wrung with innovation. I think this gender evolution stems from cultural shifts we are all experiencing today ie) new perspectives on equality of men and women in the business place, and incredible leading edge design we are seeing in science and technology. During my awesome experience on BlogTourKBIS in Vegas with Modenus, I had the privilege to be a part of something larger than I expected. I have been on BlogTour before, Cologne and California but this time around I was with an amazing group of 25 designers/bloggers, and exposed to groundbreaking  ideas, materials  and technologies at KBIS (the Kitchen and Bath Industry show), Responsive Homes built by Pardee Homes designed by Bobby Berk and The New American Home built by NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) designed by Element Design Build. While absorbing all this new information I felt my mind today is moving towards a gender - neutral arena where I feel connected, and in groove. Design is not just for His or Her; Design, assisted by technologies today is adaptable for everyone....

The New American Home

image credit: NAHB

On BlogTour, we were privileged to get a tour of the New American home by NAHB in Vegas. It shows the latest in innovative products for the future of home building. It shows how housing performance concepts, (energy efficiency, air quality) materials, designs and construction techniques can be replicated into the most simple or most complex homes. Its an universal design which is as almost important as the aesthetics. This is a very important project for the future of adaptable homes. 

image credit: NAHB

I'm loving this dressing room/bathroom concept where there is an integration of Thermador's built in coffee system and warming drawers for towels. 

image credit: Tori Aston

image credit: NAHB

A mini bar off the bedroom, now that is luxury! Yes, please! 

image credit: Tori Aston

We were also fortunate to take an evening tour of the Responsive homes by Pardee, designed by Bobby Berk. The homes serve the millennial generation's desire for smart technology, more space, seamless indoor and outdoor living and separate living areas for short term rental air b and b. Now this is excellent affordable and versatile living for young home buyers!!

image credit: Tori Aston


image credit: Tori Aston

Separate unit for rental for air b & b. 
image credit: Tori Aston

 Onto KBIS....

BlogTourKBIS #sistas

As a group we had an opportunity to connect with some awesome brands at KBIS (the Kitchen and Bath Industry show) such as TOTO, Thermador, Blanco, Wood-mode, Wilsonart,Top Knobs and Mr. Steam. These brands and more are showing that the home, specifically the kitchen and bathroom are now spaces for everyone, merging design, technology and innovation.

My winning #ikonrocksselfie at KBIS

BLANCO, a German company who is passionate and committed to innovation, high quality and unsurpassed service since 1925. The company designs and engineers unique sinks, faucets and decorative accessories in their revolutionary material called SILGRANIT. Thier newest product is called the Blanco IKON, an apron front design proving to be durable, ultra cleanable, and resistant to heat scratches and stains. The sink is fitted with an unique custom floating grid that can be used as an additional workstation for prepping or cleaning. It can fit and be customized at any height you like. This is a great feature for aging hands. 

 Blanco IKON. image credit: Blanco

image credit: Blanco

The anthrachite IKON and Artona faucet really pops in this white kitchen. The Artona's dual finish can be customized to match the color of your sink. Comes in three colors:  Anthracite, Cafe brown and Stainless,

Franke Chef center. image credit: Franke

I loved what I saw at Franke, one of the largest stainless steel kitchen sink manufacturers in the world. Franke showcased their groundbreaking chef's center. They are redefining fun and function in the kitchen changing the way one thinks about sinks. The Chef center brings open-concept and multi-functional living into one multi-purpose sink system. A single guy, or family would love this sink because this sink can enhance the way you entertain, or even clean up. There are so many accessories you can customize to your liking: a cutting board, colander, grid, mobile drainer, push button remote controlled operated strainer basket and Franke's Roller Mat. Chef Yuri Szarzewki prepared sushi with this mat at the show!! See below.

Ahh Thermador! Thermador exhibited an automotive painted ombre effect on this Culinary Preservation center. To fit any lifestyle, Thermador offers ultimate configurations. Yes!, personalized refrigerator possibilities! The ombre unit below combines a built-in fridge freezer with a wine center for ultimate entertaining! This is just one way. How will you build it? 

Thermador Culinary Preservation center

Thermador Induction cooking has also taken new revolutionary heights! The new Freedom Induction cooktop offers responsiveness and flexibility that I have never seen before. Anywhere, any position the heating elements below the cooking surface self maps.  Place up to four pots in any configuration and move them around and the cooking surface automatically detects the presence of your cookware. If you need to move your pot to another location, the cooktop will transfer all of your programmed settings to the new position of the pan. Here I am learning a few tricks from Thermador's chef.

Thermador Induction cooktop

Wilsonart combines art and science to create their new HD Laminate with Antimicrobial Protection. Laminate is having a come back with dramatic designs and textures with enhanced scratch and scuff resistant AEON technology too. Not only does it include an antimicrobial agent that protects the surface from odor and stain causing bacteria like mold and mildew but also produces the best countertop for work surfaces. Great customizable options for young families!!

Me with  Danny Seo, Wilsonarts brand ambassador - I won a magazine prescription for saying I was a germ phobe!

Whether your aesthetic is classic or modern, Wood Mode's fashion forward cabinetry is designed and fabricated to fit your needs. I learned that they can design anything whether its for your kitchen, bar, or bathroom. The style, finish and wood options are infinite. At KBIS, they showed us different metal options to inset into the cabietry. The polished metal on the drawer fronts were gorgeous! Alternatives were brushed and hammered.

As you can see, design is shifting away from His and Her. Due to the merge of design, technology and innovation, future homes are flexible and accommodating for both men and women I must thank  Veronika Miller of Modenus, and all the Sponsors for an amazing week filled with Design, Friendship and New Brand Connectivity!

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with some of the generous BlogTour sponsors:  
Thermador, Blanco, Wood-mode, Wilsonart

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