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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Steam up your Valentines Day

Will you be steaming up the shower with your partner this coming Valentines day? For this holiday of love, plan some alone time.....steam is essential to good health and well-being!

Hansgrohe Radiance Select 120 Air 3-Jet Handshower

Hansgrohe enlisted a research team to explore how couples experience the shower.  It was interesting to learn that two-thirds of 18-25 year olds regularly shower with someone else (67%), whereas only (32%) of 40-55 year olds admitted to doing the same. Speaking for the fabulous 40s, subtle changes are occurring but I still feel invincible. Before real problems arise, steam is an excellent option to add for long lasting benefits.

Las Vegas Sahara Spa & Hammam

"Feel Good," is what Martha, Mr Steam VP of marketing said while we gobbed TALA lava clay all over our faces at the Las Vegas Sahara Spa & Hammam at the Cosmopolotan hotel, while on BLOGTOURKBIS with Modenus. Steam is personalized therapy!

TALA  is the fountain of youth packaged in a jar. It's a mineral based clay from the mines of the Moroccan Fez region. Its supposed to help reduce redness and unblock pores. Martha from Mr. Steam found this clay at an actual Hammam in Morocco and brought it back to the States. At the spa, our faces had to wait until the thick mask dried before going into the steam room. We sat in the steam about 15 minutes and after only about 5 min, the mask started to drip. After wiping away the entire mineral enriched mask with a cool towel, my skin never felt softer. It was glowing the next day. Love that glow after a spa experience! 

HandshowerBlogTourKBIS 2016 TALA'd

If you want your own steam therapy, Mr. Steam's intelligent operating system iSteam offers an array of options with easy touch screen navigation: add music, aroma, lighting and/or control the temperature in your steam room. Mr. Steams online virtual spa system makes it easy. Get a simple system or all the bells and whistles. You can see the pricing as you select your options. 

When I think of Steam, three words come to mind: Relax. Health. Luxury. All at home! Enjoy your Valentines day!

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