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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Electroluminescent lighting by Joe Doucet

 photo: Kendall Mills

Love meeting new inventors... At Wanted Design, I had a nice chat with Joe Doucet, a NYC designer, artist, architect, and furniture designer. Yep, he crosses many disciplines of design and his mantra is "Everything communicates" ....where each design is composed of layers of meaning...

 photo: Kendall Mills

It was the HADRON  which really caught my eye...well I was a bit obsessed with it. There was something beautiful about a pure form of hand blown glass containing a glowing complex world of wires inside. I was waiting for the 20 meter stretch of EL  (electroluminescent) wire to come alive and convulse. 

HADRON at Wanted Design

HADRON at Wanted Design

For those techies, these EL wires are copper coated in phospher which glows with alternating current. Typically used for clothing or costume applications.

See the VINE:


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