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Monday, September 23, 2013

Future concepts for the Home of 2025: GE appliances

GE innovators are working on cutting edge technologies that will change and enhance the way we live tomorrow... as close as 12 years away!! They have been envisioning the home of 2025 in ways that would make our lives a bit less complex and more enjoyable... some of these innovative appliances can help prepare meals, wash clothes and even dispense medicine in a more efficient way. Hurry, hurry, I cannot wait! Have a sneak peek:

Future appliances will be refrigerated drawers for fresh vegetables..

They are developing Smart Mirrors that will be able to take biometric information and dispense medications as you need it. Great for the aging population! 

This is ingenious: a laundry machine that will be able to wash, dry, fold and pick out your clothes for you. Yes, our clothes will be compressed and stored. With clicks of a button, you can pre-select outfits. 

See the future of GE:

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