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Monday, June 17, 2013

today's ANGLE: Harbor Springs Michigan, a Summer Destination attitude, a point of view, a design perspective from Interior designer, go-to color maven and artist Lisa Smith. Known as the "color girl and thinking interior designer," Lisa runs her own firm called Interior Design Factory Ltd, in conjunction with her fantastic blog Decor Girl. You can follower her on Twitter and Facebook.

 I love Today's city slant! 
Thanks to Lisa who shared her wonderful vacation to her hometown:  

Summer In Northern Michigan – 
The Simple Pleasures of Harbor Springs

As soon as Memorial Day has passed the sleepy towns in Northern Michigan began to awaken from their cool winter slumber.  A summer destination for tourists since the 1800’s, small Victorian towns dot the shores of clear blue Lake Michigan at the northern most tip.

This also happens to be where I grew up, Harbor Springs Michigan.  As one of the rare people who actually have more than four generations preceding me in the area, I have a primal tug to the history and charm of the region.  Although I left long ago, when I return it is never as a tourist though I can appreciate what draws them back year after year.  Life is about the simple things.

Would you imagine and plain old turkey sandwich (on homemade bread) from Gurney’s Bottle Shop (liquor store) on Main Street is one of the first things I run for?  The smell of freshly baked bread, the overall mouth-feel of biting into this sandwich and perfect garlicy dill pickle tastes exactly the same as when I was a child, nothing compares.  Pure heaven.  This is often followed by Kilwin’s Traverse City Cherry ice cream.As kids we called tourist’s “Fudgies” as this is what they always have, not on my list. 

There are plenty of restaurants and cute little gift shops to keep one occupied, but there is more.  I enjoy driving around the area taking in the architecture.  A combination of east coast Shingle Style and Victorian Clapboard mix in amongst cute little Arts & Crafts Bungalows.  This is likely where I got my penchant for white molding, unpainted interior woodwork is a rarity. 

Meandering along M-119 (Shore Drive to me) in and out of the tunnel of trees, one can catch all sorts of log cabins, new and old along the Lake Michigan shoreline. 

Another common theme is the use of stone with edges softened by early glaciers and the ravages of Lake Michigan.

Three and even four story cottages built long ago in certain enclaves which were the playground for the rich and famous back in the day.

Back in the late 1800’s Northern Michigan was abundant in virgin hardwoods and logging was one of the first, though short lived industries aside from tourism to sustain the common man.  This is my great, great grandfather at the reins.

Horses were great however, Ephraim Shay felt rail would be much more efficient and he invented the Shay Locomotive just for this purpose.

Harbor Springs is rich in history and a lovely northern town to remove oneself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  For me going back home, is going back to a simpler time when the enjoyment in life was what occurred around you, no electronics required. 

Thank you Lisa, a wonderful destination for sure!! That Gurney's sandwich looks very yummy!

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