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Friday, June 7, 2013

How to design an inspiring Architectural Bathroom Design attitude, a point of view, a design perspective from Interior designer Helen Davies who is a keen blogger, Pinterest addict and freelance writer for Better BathroomsYou can follow her on Twitter and Pinterest

Today's slant:

Architectural Bathroom Design

So you'd like your bathroom design to make a statement, to proclaim that you are a person who appreciates aesthetics? What you want is a bathroom that is practical and efficient but also eye catching and awe inspiring. What you need is to think like an architect.

If you hire an architect to design a home, what do you expect them to deliver? A floor plan? Measurements? Assistance in liaising with the planning department? Most of us would expect all of these things - but I think most of us would also want their architect to bring to the project a little inspiration, a little flair, a new way of doing things. And architects are an innovative crowd, on the whole, so maybe it’s reasonable to expect a space that’s been designed by an architect to be not simply liveable and aesthetically pleasing, but poised at the cutting edge of both style and practicality. 

So, imagine you’re an amazing architect with a bathroom to design and a very demanding client (you)...

Plan your layout with precision
Style without substance is nothing, and the most beautifully designed bathrooms are often also the most user friendly. Think about the way you and your family use your current bathroom. What needs to change? What can stay the same? Only when you have an ideal layout in mind should you begin shopping!

Keep an open mind as you source your sanitaryware
Great architects deliver great results because they can convince a client to try something new. Can you convince yourself to be bold? Today’s designers are creating bathroom suites which are worlds apart from traditional sanitaryware. Making the most of modern materials and manufacturing processes means that designs are less constrained than in the past, and it shows: a spiral fossil basin cast in a resin block, a stainless steel and glass bathtub, a glass waterfall tap lit with colour LEDs, a glamorous Japanese plum tree blossom toilet... The sky’s the limit!

Incorporate technology that makes your room work harder
The best architect-designed spaces not only achieve their function, they excel at it. Do your research and uncover the innovations that will help your bathroom become a beacon of stylish practicality: an intelligent tap which knows how fast and how hot you like your water, a mirror that connects to the internet, lets you watch tv and monitors your health, an in-shower radio that runs on water power... Choose technology that suits your lifestyle, whether you’re eco-friendly, health conscious, busy at work and at play, or a pampering addict.

Opt for dramatic decor
Finish your bathroom to perfection with decor which suits your space and your style but adds just the right level of drama, too. From richly patterned and coloured walls, glamorous chandeliers and luxurious soft furnishings to striking monochrome schemes, verdant natural palettes or the warmth of classical copper and bronze, your bathroom decor is all about you - express yourself!

( all images with permission from houzz)

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