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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Debra Folz: bringing embroidery into modern furniture design

I always love design that works with the ideas of contrast. At Wanted Design in NYC, I came across designer Debra Folz who experiments with the ideas of hard versus soft, industrial versus domestic and traditional versus contemporary processes.  She showcased some beautiful wood stools called RADIAL and BRAIDED which are inspired by traditional leather weaving techniques.....

She explores geometries created by the combination of hard and soft leather materials and uses modern technologies to create canvases for the embroidery. 'Love is in the details' and I love the slanted cuts in the wood to accept the leather. You can see that in the stool below with pink leather. Very cool! The 14" dia stools are available in Oak, Cherry and Walnut and the leather strapping is available in 6 colors. 

Debra Folz also showed the glass table called EchoIt has multiple colors and depending on how the light hits it, the geometries produce a kaleidoscope of colors shadowing the floor.  The manufacturing technology is complex - four thick glass layers project a color and a pattern.  This is a one-of-a-kind piece!


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